Monday, January 29, 2018

After Election loss in Wisconsin, GOP targets Ryan's challenger, "coastal liberal" Randy Bryce with Comedic Exaggerations.

Feeling the heat and possible loss in the upcoming election, Paul Ryan and his backers demonstrated just how desperate and imaginative they can be, releasing a flood of Onion sounding quotes that's guaranteed to make you smile.

Ryan is so dedicated, he's still hasn't decided to run again, so what's the worry?

Randy Bryce, Blogger, Tweaks Twitter Follower Numbers: I never heard of this particular service, Devumi, but unless you're against private businesses offering marketing services, how can you blame someone for trying...?
"Back in 2015, Randy spent about $10-$20 to buy 1,000 to 1,500 followers," said Lauren Hitt, a spokeswoman for the Bryce campaign. "He was trying out blogging at the time … (not during his) campaign, and he's gained over 200,000 followers on Twitter since we launched in July."
The number to remember is "200,000" followers since July of 2017, with no help from Devumi.

The National Republican Congressional Committee and Ryan's campaign oddly decided to pile on a private business and Bryce's marketing campaign to promote his blog. Hey, either you like business or you don't, which is it you hypocritical whiners?

Here's the funny part. This is basically all the New York Times wrote about Byrce: 
Devumi’s customers include both avid supporters and fervent critics of President Trump, and both liberal cable pundits and a reporter at the alt-right bastion Breitbart. Randy Bryce, an ironworker seeking to unseat Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, purchased Devumi followers in 2015, when he was a blogger and labor activist. Louise Linton, the wife of the Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, bought followers when she was trying to gain traction as an actress.
From that brief mention, the NRC and Ryan's campaign saw so much more than I ever could. Besides making it seem like Bryce is supposed lying about Paul Ryan's less than secret agenda, Bryce apparently has a "Hollywood base? Will he be in the new Avengers movie too?:
The National Republican Congressional Committee: "We all know Randy Bryce spends a lot of time on Twitter lobbing false attacks at Paul Ryan and pandering to his Hollywood base," said Chris Martin, regional press secretary for the committee. "But according to today's bombshell story from the New York Times, Bryce's online presence is just as phony as his astroturf campaign."
Wow, his "astroturf campaign?" So the added 199,000-200,000 twitter followers are phony? Who knew?

But the following hyperbolic lunacy should not be forgotten by angry voters tired of Ryan's typically false accusations:
Jeremy Adler, communications director for Ryan's campaign: "Up till this point, the energy behind Randy Bryce's campaign was almost exclusively from coastal liberals. But a revelation in this morning's New York Times' bombshell story exposes just how artificial support for him really is."
I guess that's what they would call there best shot?

I hope they truly feel that way. It would serve them right. Oh, and Trump fire-breathers should take note about their favorite fake news source...appealing to those coastal liberals?:
Aaron Klein, a radio talk show host and the Jerusalem bureau chief for Breitbart News, bought at least 35,000 followers from Devumi, according to records. A Times analysis found that the majority of his followers were bots, as demonstrated by the unusual patterns seen here.

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  1. I'm glad the GOP is flustered by the Bryce campaign. Bryce and Ryan are quite a contrast. So instead of just giving Ryan a free ride this election cycle, let's hope the Democratic Party--both national and state--really back up Bryce.

    Bryce has gotten media attention, as his view should if we have a free media. That's exactly what bothers the GOP. From what I know, Bryce represents something positive, not just a establishment mainstream perspective. If that continues, he's got my vote, as well as those living in the 99%.