Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Walker says Reinsurance Plan using Taxpayer "Market Driven?"

Scott Walker just said that government intrusion in the free market doesn't really "distort the market" after all. That runs counter to everything Republicans have been saying for the last 50 years or more.

But even better, Walker indirectly said why he unabashedly thinks his $4.5 billion taxpayer handout to Foxconn wasn't hypocritical or a complete contradiction of conservative free market principles:
Walker got applause when he told doctors he wants a state law to protect those with preexisting conditions. Federal law already does.
Let's be clear, Walker is talking about taxpayer money, and he wants to "distort market prices" downward with it:
1. $200 million in state and federal money to stabilize the state's Obamacare market and hold down rising insurance premiums.

2. $150 million in federal money and $50 million from state Medicaid savings.
You can't make this stuff up. Quoting Walker:
"This is a market driven way to help drive down premiums..."

I can't wait to see RightWisconsin or the MacIver Instute fellows twist themselves into pretzels trying to explain Walker inadvertent moment of honesty. 

Walker to the Rescue, Fixing another Self-inflicted Republican Problem? Of course:
Walker (said), "No matter what happens in the future in Washington (D.C.), no matter what changes they do or don’t make to the Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin, going forward preexisting conditions will be covered so we don’t ever have to worry."
Walker won't say this, but he's fixing a problem that might be created by Republicans and Wisconsin embarrassment Dumb Ron Johnson:
Walker's plan would only kick in if similar protections in the Affordable Care Act are repealed ... Sen. Ron Johnson tried and failed to have those protections removed last year. Walker wants federal permission to set up a reinsurance fund to offset the costs of those with expensive conditions.
Pointing out the obvious, and once again demonstrating why Democrats are better government managers than government hating Republicans:
Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh said Democrats would likely support many of Walker's proposals, but he criticized Walker for abruptly adopting longtime Democratic priorities. He said if Walker was sincere, he would also take additional federal money to expand the state Medicaid health program known as BadgerCare Plus, freeing up $203 million for the state next year. "He's a great politician, but a terrible executive," Hintz said of Walker, "I don't know that the governor deserves credit for putting out fires that he started."
Walker's stolen Democratic Party plan has a few Assembly written health care stripping hoops in it, to keep the number of insured down, like this one...:
GOP lawmakers took a health care bill that Democrats were attempting to pass and used an amendment to swap out the old bill with their own proposal. "Patients would need to avoid a gap in their health coverage" ... returning Wisconsin to a high-risk pool model, which was used to insure high-cost patients with difficult medical conditions before the passage of the federal Affordable Care Act.

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