Thursday, January 4, 2018

Walker and WMC backs increased Ozone Pollution, so Businesses can grow.

Ozone is bad for your health. There's a chance of premature deaths due to cancer and respiratory disease, Alzheimer's, the risk of certain birth defects, and low birth weights. But so what, say Republicans and Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce, who put more value on brick and mortar businesses. You and me, we won't be missed for long.

As Republicans erase all evidence Obama was ever president, there is still one EPA regulation that won't be tolerated:
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to put more Wisconsin counties under tighter emission limits for ozone pollution. Bill Davis, of the Madison-based John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club, "We've been tracking ozone for a long time ... it actually has more significant health impacts than we had first thought."

The state's largest business group, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, contends the EPA plan would "imperil" manufacturing growth.
WMC is worried about imperiling manufacturing growth, and not imperiling human growth?
WMC's general counsel and director of environmental and energy policy, Lucas Vebber, released the following statement: 
"What we are seeing here is the failed regulatory agenda of the Obama-era EPA continuing to attack Wisconsin businesses. At a time when Wisconsin's air quality is the cleanest it has been in decades, EPA is seeking to hold Wisconsin residents and businesses accountable for polluters in other states and even other countries. Business growth in east and southeast Wisconsin will be greatly impacted by this decision. We need our federal representatives to step up and fight back against this Zombie Obama-EPA regulatory agenda and restore common sense to air permitting."
Zombie Obama-EPA Regulations fly in the face of "common sense?" Business growth? Attack on business? Again, what about us, we the people and our government, protecting us?
Ground-level ozonesulfur dioxidenitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide are especially harmful for senior citizens, children, and people with heart and lung conditions such as emphysemabronchitis, and asthma. It can inflame breathing passages, decrease the lungs' working capacity, cause shortness of breath, pain when inhaling deeply, wheezing, and coughing. It can cause eye and nose irritation and it dries out the protective membranes of the nose and throat and interferes with the body's ability to fight infection, increasing susceptibility to illness. Hospital admissions and respiratory deaths often increase during periods when ozone levels are high.
Any question who the current Republican "government" is protecting? Sure ain't the voters. 

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