Wednesday, January 24, 2018

With 83 Percent of Voters supporting Net Neutrality, Republican Repeal a betrayal of Representation!

Another fine mess Republicans got us into. Keep in mind, this didn't have to happen.

Our "small government" Republicans have forced every state government to create a patchwork of new laws protecting net neutrality. Hoops and red tape have always saved taxpayers money...?
The Federal Communications Commission repealed the nationwide, Obama-era net neutrality rules in December of last year. At the time of the rollback, the FCC prohibited state and local governments from creating regulations of their own.
Now that's small government? And like Wisconsin Republicans eliminating local control here, our Republican Congress is suddenly a big believer in a one-size-fits-all standard:
But the FCC and net neutrality critics argue creating patchwork regulations across the country would make it difficult for these broadband companies to operate. "If there were individual states that pursued net neutrality regulations — creating a patchwork of regulations across the company — it would be difficult, if not impossible for those companies to conduct business."
Corporate GOP Servitude and Nothing Else: Thanks to Republican meddling and repeal of a regulation the public did not want to be repealed, they created this patchwork of statewide regulation.

Democrats to the rescue again:
Fifty U.S. senators have already voiced their support for a bill to override the FCC’s decision ending net neutrality. One Republican senator, Susan Collins of Maine, joined all 49 of the Senate’s Democrats to support of the bill (one vote shy). At the state level, a collection of more than 20 Attorneys General from around the country filed a lawsuit in federal court to challenge the ruling.
Montana Governor Bullock's Executive Order Model: This just might get around any possible legal problem:
Bullock’s advisors are confident that this method of regulating government contracts and not the providers directly provides a legal loophole to reinstate the spirit of net neutrality rules. The state government is not doing anything to specifically stop telecommunication companies from throttling traffic. But now, if the providers choose to do so, they are also choosing to give up any government business.

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