Thursday, January 4, 2018

To Save Reelection, Walker closes Lincoln Hills after ignoring Problem for Years. Plan Oddly Similar to Dems.

Scott Walker's closing of the Lincoln Hills School for Boys and Copper Lake School for Girls (finally turning it into a prison for adults), does not suddenly make the horror of the facility disappear from our memories or wipe away his total failure to act during non-election years.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Walker's been planning this for "about a year?" Wow, not one word to anyone about it, no leaks, but continued fumbling of the Lincoln Hills ball? What a secret. Oh, but only if he's reelected, and only if he can get funding for it in the next budget two years from now?
If Walker wins re-election, he plans to include in the next state budget at least $80 million for the construction of six new juvenile correctional facilities for up to three dozen inmates each. Lawmakers would need to approve the plan.
From October 30, 2017:

Democrats Have Plan...and still do, after many years!!! Here's their surprised reaction:

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