Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Trump Economic all time highs...BS!

Like Scott Walker, Trump likes to brag endlessly (I wish Obama had done this) about how certain parts of the economy are growing. Trump's numbers are just a continuation of growth that started under Obama, nothing more and nothing less. 

But when I saw this...well, I had to set the record straight. 

What's missed in all this are the massive jobs losses and business closings. 

Donald Trump has presided over massive job losses due to outsourcing and plant closings, despite promising to keep jobs stateside, after years of job growth under President Obama: Donald Trump has presided over job growth (that) has dropped to a six-year low. Since January of this year, 243,108 employees have received notices of plant closings and layoffs.

-12,241 notices about plant closing and layoffs were handed out in Florida. 10,396 workers got the bad news in Ohio. 6,564 notices went out in Michigan.

-In Indiana, 8,313 Americans received the bad news from their employers about losing their positions. Many of those people were employees at Carrier, where Trump made grandiose promises about keeping jobs slated to be outsourced in America ... jobs being sent overseas have reached the highest rate in five years.

-At the same time, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics revealed that job growth is down. America experienced job growth of 250,000 per month in 2014, 226,000 per month in 2015, and 187,000 per month in 2016 — but that measure is down to 163,000 a month under Trump.
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