Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Walker/Trump Coal Revival Dead, thanks to Big Energy/Changing Market.

Is the coal industry the victim of liberal green energy attacks? Nope.

One publication headline read, "Tweedle Dumb" to describe a recent tweet by Trump. Yup. Which brings me to Trump's promise to not just bring coal back from the dead, but to bash liberal Democrats and Hillary Clinton for trying to kill coal industry jobs.

Reality - like the facts - just keep getting in the way: "Free market" guys Scott Walker and Trump want to bring coal back, by using big government deregulation so they can kill green energy jobs.

Their grand scheme has been market forces. Go figure...:
For decades We Energies' coal-fired power plant in Pleasant Prairie ... announced it was closing the plant permanently as the company moves to cheaper natural gas and other energy sources. The decision is the latest sign of coal’s diminishing status as a source of electric generation as utilities turn to natural gas, surplus wholesale power and renewable sources such as wind and solar.
That's not all folks, you can' make this up:
Another Coal-fired Plant Will Close in Wisconsin: WEC Energy Group continues to move away from coal-fired power in its portfolio ... Wisconsin Public Service (WPS), a WEC subsidiary, to close the Pulliam Power Plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin, as early as next fall.
Will Republican voters notice they've been played? Duped? Will they want to believe these con artists again?

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