Friday, December 22, 2017

Trump Americans shred Constitution with NFL Boycott! Not Racist?

Here are a few things we found out about Republicans during the Trump Error: They stand for nothing: 
1. Not free markets = Foxconn.
2. Not Pro-Life = Kill Health Care/Support Death Penalty/Guns.
3. Not Family Values/Religion = Voted for a Bible Thumping Sexual Predator.
4. Not Constitution = Against First Amendment Protests.
The Republican Party of Feel Good Anecdotal Values: That last point is defined below. Yes, conservatives are still obsessed with trashing NFL players protesting police violence against black Americans.

You won't believe the nationalism, the racism, the arrogant authoritarianism in Louisiana, for something that takes about one minute...before the game even starts for gods sake. NPR: 

In Louisiana, NFL Anthem Protests Threaten Saints' Tax Breaks: Manager Tony Melara, of Sarita's Grill in Denham Springs, La., said:  “We respect the flag. We stand. And we pledge allegiance. They make a lot more money than we do. Like, why do it then? They're going at it the wrong way. That's all." 

Republican State Representative Kenny Havard of St. Francisville is proposing an amendment to strip any state funding that benefits the Saints, including free rental of the venue where they play, the Superdome. 

Rep. Havar: “We're paying the Saints a lot of money to entertain us, not to get off in the weeds of political discourse. Now, they can do that, but do it on their own time. When I see a lady coming, I open the door. When I, you know, sit at the table, I take my hat off. When the national anthem plays, I stand. And those are things that are taught to you by family and parents. And that's the real issue, is the breakdown of the family unit because there's no dad in the home to pop them upside the head - son, you stand up when the national anthem - and pull your pants up. I'm sorry if it hurts people's feelings, but that's just the way it is.

Reporter: “There will be people who hear you say that and think that that's racist.”

Havard: “Well, it's not. And I'm not trying to be racist. It's not for me. It really isn't. It's about having the conversation. And somebody needs to start having the conversation.”
The issue is also now in the courts. Just last week, a Saints season ticket holder sued the team for a refund, claiming he's been damaged by players using football games as a platform for protest. Debbie Elliott, NPR News, Baton Rouge.


  1. You tried to slam Republicans and than just made a fool of youself . Are you happy? Why do persons think the kneeler protest is a Freedom of Speech Issue? Because they grabbed onto a tagline and ran with it. I blame your lack of knowledge on fact that you never studied the Constituion when you were in school . .

    It been over a year and you still are clueless. Why not do some research
    Not standing for the american anthem is protected because of a SCOTUS decision. Decision not amendment and it refers to Freedom of Relegion not Speech. West Virgina Board of Education vs Barrett circa 1942. Barrett was a Jehovah's Whitness , Under their relegious tenets they do not stand or worship false idols. Barrett's kids refused to stand for the Anthem or the Pledge of Alligence and the case ended up in front of the Supreme Court . The court's decided that Barrett was protected by the First Amendment's relegious protections.

  2. That's just one good point to make. But Trumpsters object because they don't think this is either a good time to protest, or don't know why their are protesting. Again you made my cases, yet said I was wrong. The right to protest your government, free speech, first amendment.

  3. Plus you didn't seem concerned at all by their attempts to put a stop to players first amendment right. Cafeteria constitutionalist. You only see what you want to see.

  4. Would it hurt to look up stuff before saying anything: