Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"Dumb" rule for Airlines to tell customers about baggage fee when booking flight dumped by Trump!

Caveat Emptor, "Buyer Beware," is back with a vengeance. The concept is irrational, unsettling and destructive because someone is going to get hurt, but hey, at least you were warned.

Sold "As Is?" Apparently, Republicans want to make America great again by creating a market system that sells things "as is." Gulp. Think of it as an almost unimaginable low bar, that can only get lower.

Trump's vengeful repeal of anything Obama continues...
DOT Suspends Proposed Rule That Would Force Airlines To Show Baggage Fee At Booking
The department said in a notice posted online ... the rules would have been “of limited public benefit.” The DOT also withdrew a rulemaking to require airlines disclose profits on ancillary fees.
The Republican vision of a deregulated American future is here now...
Airlines are already exempt from all state and local consumer protection, much antitrust law, most other federal regulations and tort law. The DOT is their sole regulator. If the DOT refuses to correct abuses or enforce existing regulations, and repeals existing regulations, airlines will be the first US industry to have stripped the public of all economic protections from unfair predatory practices. 
 The right wing is loving it, providing this insightful back-to-basics observation...
Gary Leff of website View from the Wing wrote this as part of his explanation as to why the department formally dropped the proposed regulation: "Because it was dumb."

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