Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Supply Side Rich to Trickle their Golden Shower down upon us!!!

What can you say about the Republican Party that brutally does this to their voters?

KILLING HEALTH CARE & JACKING PRICES: If redistributing wealth to the wealthy wasn't enough, Republicans showed contempt for their loyal sniveling voters by taking away their health care. Cold, really cold:
Republican Sen. John Cornyn on the individual mandate: “Arguably, doing away with the individual mandate makes the Affordable Care Act unworkable ― not that it was particularly great beforehand,” Cornyn said.
This was a conscious decision by Republicans. Period.

KILLING HEALTH CARE FOR KIDS-CHIP: It's true. Maybe Walker can require these kids to work for their benefits...?

FADING TAX CUTS for the MIDDLE CLASS: You'd have to be sick to be this deceptively:


Republicans are against deficits caused by spending, true, but are okay deficits caused by tax cuts. And reduced spending equals smaller government. Still, Republicans can't wait to
see the nation's debt skyrocket:

Including macroeconomic effects and interest costs, the legislation is projected to increase debt as a share of GDP over 5 percentage points in 2027 to 97 percent of GDP, and almost 4 percentage points in 2037 to 117 percent of GDP.
Those are scary projections. But that's why Paul Ryan is so happy, there are no downsides; a little social unrest and resentment; and a reason to cut social safety nets. But it also supports the GOP's anti-government agenda and increases their voter turnout.

Check out these Republican shills for big money, and their insane excuses for tax cuts:

Democrats no longer need to fear deficits: And if they wanted to, they can raise taxes on the wealthy. It's a popular solution polling where Democratic and Republican voters have given this idea a big thumbs up:
It could mollify future Democratic leaders’ fear of deficits, thereby removing a contrast on progressive policy. The spectacle of the GOP adding $1.5 trillion to the deficit over a decade — to finance a supply-side stimulus in the middle of an economic expansion — should prevent future Democrats from replicating Obama’s mistake … budget reconciliation puts no limit on how much a given bill can add to the debt in the first decade after it’s passed. The next time a Democratic president needs to choose between the better policy — or the less eye-popping price tag — chances are, he or she will pick the former.

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