Friday, December 8, 2017

Schimel botches smear campaign against Scott Walker "opponents" in John Doe investigation!!!

First things first: My first general impression of AG Brad Schimel, before he was elected, was right on the mark:

Schimel Incompetence: Schimel's latest partisan attack against Walker's supposed enemies is a disaster, especially his attempted smear of a Journal Sentinel reporters wife. Let's start at the dubious beginning.

Schimel's already Botched "get even" Investigation: As a shot across the bow to anyone else even thinking about questioning the Walker Authority, Schimel is asking a judge to move ahead with "contempt proceedings" against investigators in the Scott Walker John Doe probe. A still unknown source leaked documents to The Guardian. ("Contempt" simply means "being disobedient to a court that defies their authority.")
In a 91-page report the Republican attorney general sharply criticized the probe's leaders ... "The systemic and pervasive mishandling of John Doe evidence likely resulted in circumstances allowing the Guardian leak in the first place." Special prosecutor Francis Schmitz and the team he led ... handled seized material after courts told them they could not review it further or had to get rid of it.
Republicans Off the Hook - have Citizen rights Above the Law: I'm still waiting for a reporter to please ask Schimel why the courts orders don't apply to the Republican operatives:
Despite secrecy orders ... Schimel investigated the leaks to the Guardian but not ones that were critical of the probe and appeared to be leaked by its targets. Schimel said ... Eric O'Keefe, the head of Wisconsin Club for Growth and a target of Chisholm's probe, had leaked information because "he has a right as a citizen to say whatever he wants. It would smack frankly of authoritarian countries” if someone were barred from saying his or her home had been raided, Schimel said.
DOH!!! Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Demands Schimel Correction: Just how bad is Schimel's "investigation?" You can't make this stuff up:
State Attorney General Brad Schimel said Thursday he will correct a court report in which he falsely implied a reporter’s wife had provided information to the Journal Sentinel while working for the state Supreme Court ... reporter Daniel Bice's wife, Sonya, did not work for the Supreme Court in the year stated in Schimel's report or even in the building he referred to.
So Schimel Lied to Judge: Yup, he lied, according to Journal Sentinel Editor George Stanley:

The reasons Schimel gave for deleting the inaccurate information were as false as the footnote itself. "The Journal Sentinel did not identify sources, nor did the Justice Department ever have any 'other evidence' to support its false footnote," said Stanley.
The Journal Sentinel sets the Record Straight: Calling into question Schimel's entire smear investigation, here's how wrong Schimel got it in his simple bogus footnote:
Schimel’s report included a footnote that stated: “Although DOJ did not announce its visit to the Supreme Court, and was otherwise inconspicuous, the visit was reported by the Journal Sentinel Reporter Daniel Bice, whose wife works in the same office space. DOJ has undertaken no action to determine why a member of the court staff would have reported this visit.”

Sonya Bice had not worked for the Supreme Court for more than a year by the time of the visit from investigators. She never worked in the office space at 110 E. Main St.

In addition, while Sonya Bice worked as a lawyer in the state Capitol for Supreme Court Justice Patrick Crooks, from 2008 until his death in 2015, she did not handle any matters related to the John Doe investigation.
Similarly, Daniel Bice did not report on any matters before the Supreme Court during the years his wife worked for Crooks.
Even radio propagandist Vicki McKenna got this one right: While it was pretty obvious Schimel was an idiot, even McKenna couldn't keep her typical low information Republican from voting for him. Be amused...:

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