Saturday, December 16, 2017

Republican Tax Cuts Focused on the "Great Again" fight, shortchanging the Internet Economy and Millennials.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks those damn greedy baby boomers are doing everything they can to freeload off the country, all the while sticking their kids with the skyrocketing bill. It sickens me to watch my generation shred every hard-fought value they stood for in the 60's; women's liberation; civil rights; sexual freedom, so they could screw Gen X'ers and Millennials...and beyond.

It's almost shocking to see Republicans cutting taxes for every well established major corporation, when the emerging new world economy is blooming on the internet.

Republicans are fighting the be "great again" fight, an unapologetic leap backward, at a time when everything in the economy has changed. Thanks to internet commerce, broadband connectivity, green energy...heck, everything, the big guys aren't the ones that need the cash. And the internet hasn't even expanded into every nook and cranny of our country. How will the world look in 10 to 20 years, the kind of jobs and businesses that we can't even imagine now? Republicans are stuck:
For example, Republican Gov. Scott Walker mindlessly turned down high-speed rail, that SURPRISE, now would have made commuting to tech giant Foxconn from Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago a breeze. Walker once focused on old manufacturing jobs like welding, purged scientists at the DNR over climate science witchcraft, and continues to defunded the great university system. Now that Foxconn is coming, we've got to teach tech, tech, tech all the way. 
Millennials should be Afraid: Before we get to how Republicans are screwing over Millennials, lets define who they are. Here's a generational video description from Esquire:

Check out the following screen captures from a great piece of writing from the Huffington Post:

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