Thursday, August 24, 2017

Every County in U.S. now covered by Insurers in the ObamaCare Marketplaces.

ObamaCare is collapsing? That must be true if Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Donald Trump say unequivocally that it's collapsing and putting people in danger.

Republicans have once again proven they have no real concept of what an actual free market does. 

Way back when, I grew up with the popular talking point that there was always somebody behind you waiting to take your place if you decide to give up or fail. I think it's time to bring that back:
As of Thursday, every county in the U.S. will have at least one ObamaCare insurer in 2018.
CareSource announced that it would fill the last remaining "bare" county in Paulding County in Ohio. “The Marketplace provides vital health care coverage to more than 10.3 million Americans and we want to be a resource for consumers left without options," CareSource CEO and President Pamela Morris said in a statement. "Our decision to offer coverage in the bare counties speaks to our mission and commitment to the Marketplace and serving those who are in need of health care coverage.”

Menominee County in Wisconsin was slated to have no insurers on the exchanges next year until Security Health Plan announced Tuesday it would sell plans there in 2018.
With these announcements, there are no more bare counties in the U.S. for next year. About 80 counties at one point or another during the summer were at risk of having no ObamaCare insurers in 2018. Insurers are still waiting for certainty on key ObamaCare insurer payments called cost-sharing reduction subsidies.

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