Friday, August 18, 2017

Freed White Republican Nationalism in Milwaukee spills out...

While I was thinking about how I would put together the following blog post, story after story kept popping up about the Trump wave of white nationalism sweeping the Republican Party. Oh sure many in the GOP have renounced what Trump said, but almost no one dared to mention Trump's name or called for any measures dealing with public outrage.

WISN12 had this amazing story that got very little reaction on twitter...even the signature right-wing misspelling, "Demorcrats," wasn't enough to get a mention?

And of course the following cover art featuring Trump in a way that might break get through to those blind obedient admirers:

Or these....

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  1. Republicans do not like black and brown folks.

    Milwaukee and Fitchburg are the worst, but this is a statewide phenomenon.

    I have seen these people get emboldened over the last six years,