Saturday, August 5, 2017

Real Americans say Statue of Liberty now relic of the Past.

As Gov. Scott Walker sets up Wisconsin's budgetary straight jacket for the next 15 years in corporate welfare to Foxconn, Trump is about to set up economic failure for the upcoming 3rd generation of Americans creating businesses and jobs. The Street:
Moody's Analytics economist Mark Zandi in a recent interview with TheStreet said, "If the bill were to become law, it would render next-to-impossible Trump's already lofty goals for economic growth. The White House has set a goal of achieving 3% economic growth through a mix of tax reform, deregulation and other measures. Most economists say immigration would be a key contributor to achieving that mark."
Or this stark reality check:
"We've achieved 3% growth in the past partly when assisted by rapid population growth, and favorable demographics," University of Michigan economist Justin Wolfers told TheStreet recently. "We are certain that both will be headwinds over the next few decades, as fertility has slowed, immigration looks likely to decline, and as the baby boomers enter retirement. And all of this occurs against a backdrop of relatively weak productivity growth, and with an economy that is closing in on full employment."
From NPR's On Point and Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics:
Big changes pushed yesterday by the Trump administration on American immigration. Profound changes, if they go through. Legal immigration to be slashed by half. Family connections downgraded as a priority. New priorities? Education, English, high-paying job offers. Would your family have made that cut? The Trump White House says this would be great for American workers. Others say no.

Guest: "The president back in January when he made his first address to Congress, sited a study from the National Academy of Sciences...that found that first generation immigrants cost taxpayer $57.4 billion a year, what he left out was that second generation immigrants are a net positive $30 billion, and by the third generation, it's a $220 billion benefit to the country."
You have to check out the context of the CNN Jim Acosta/Stephen Miller dispute in full, no edits to understand how big a conniving monster Miller really is:

Acosta: “This whole notion of ‘well, they have to learn English before they get to the United States,’ are we just going to bring in people from Great Britain and Australia?"

Miller: “Jim, it’s actually—I have to honestly say I am shocked at your statement that you think that only people from Great Britain and Australia would know English.  It’s actually—it reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree that in your mind—No, this is an amazing moment.  
The way Miller leaned into the word "cosmopolitan" while answering Acosta has a long and ignoble history in 20th century authoritarianism, especially the anti-Semitic variety. During World War II, for example, the Soviet government under Stalin used to rail regularly at "rootless cosmopolitanism," especially in the arts. The Nazis were fond of tossing it around, too. There is no context in which Miller's use of the word against Acosta makes sense except as a historical signaling device.
As for the Statue of Liberty’s poem:
Miller brushed off Acosta’s reference, arguing that the poem written by Emma Lazarus was “added later” and has no significance. 
“I don’t want to get off into a whole thing about history here, but the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of liberty and lighting in the world; it’s a symbol of American liberty lighting the world. The poem that you’re referring to was added later. It’s not actually part of the Statue of Liberty.”
Again, as Charlie Pierce pointed out:
Miller doesn't know dick about Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty. She wrote the poem, "The New Colossus," from which the famous lines on the Statue of Liberty's pedestal were taken in 1883 for the purpose of raising funds for … wait for it … the Statue of Liberty.
As for limiting all legal immigration by half, which I think is a generous estimate after looking at the new standards…think of it as generations of restocking white Americans to get back their super majority:
Acosta’s protestations are revealed in the White House transcript of the briefing but barely audible in footage of the press conference. However, the bizarre and hostile back and forth reached its crescendo after the CNN journalist said it seemed the White House was “trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people into this country.”

Miller: “Jim, that is one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant, and foolish things you’ve ever said, and for you that’s still a really—the notion that you think that this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting."
Here's a graph that should show Miller and Trump just what Americans really think about the Lady Liberty poem. Remember, back in 2011, this poll question was out-of-left-field, because most Americans never thought much of it...until now:

One of the weirdest qualifications needed to get into the U.S. is this...Chicago Tribune:
Record of extraordinary achievement: zero. Trump may have starred in a network reality show and (allegedly) sunk 30-foot putts, but what counts as "extraordinary achievement" is limited to two categories.

One is winning a Nobel Prize or comparable recognition in a science or social science field.  

The other is recently winning an Olympic medal (individual event only, no relays!) or placing first in another comparable international athletic event.

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