Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Walker Republicans promise to Reshape Education in State to fill Foxconn Factory Jobs!!!

Foxconn drooling big government Republican's now want to meddle with public education, seeing little use in "certain fields that have little demand or relevance."

Todays jaw dropping Republican comment comes from the ever reliable stooge of the state Senate Duey Stroebel, who seems to think economic vitality starts and ends with Foxconn:
Stroebel: “The University of Wisconsin System needs to prioritize ‘needs and wants. UW needs to start investing current resources into increasing faculty and staff for engineering, supply chain and computer science degrees. Perhaps the System should look at decreasing capacity in certain fields that have little demand or relevance.”

Stroebel wasn't the only one suggesting a big government Republican takeover of public education and it's diverse curriculum, tossing aside egg-headed course developers efforts to improve student outcomes. 

Here's Rep. John Nygren promising to change education in the state so Foxconn can fill it's factories. Too bad for those who had other plans. Upfront with Mike Gousha:
Nygren: "We're actually going to have to reshape how we provide education, the type of education we provide so we can fill these jobs in our state." 

At the recent special session authorizing a Foxconn "electronics manufacturing zone," one Wisconsinite pretty much summed up the very noticeable rabid GOP response:

And the Packers comparison didn't end there either, with this idiotic "just  like the Packers" comparison:
"To me, much as Reggie White transformed the Green Bay Packers, we’ll see the same here," Walker told Green Bay-area conservative radio host Jerry Bader.

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