Monday, August 14, 2017

Foxconn a done very bad deal...

There was always just a little hope that state Democrats would reverse many of Scott Walker policies someday. But with Foxconn, it won't really matter much anymore.

GOP Myth Finally put to Rest
The Foxconn debacle is not reversible, plundering all future budgets for decades with payouts to Foxconn, and sticking taxpayers with huge interest payments on Walker's transportation debt.

Upfront with Mike Gousha's guests DOA's Sec Scott Neitzel and WEDC Sec Mark Hogan confirmed that Sunday, gushing endlessly about the miracle of high tech LCD manufacturing that is already being fazed out by OLED and "surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) or field emission display (FED) making their way to replace the first flat screen technologies in picture quality."

Department of Administration Sec. Scott Neitzel could barely breathe talking up the Foxconn taxpayer holdup. Hey, Foxconn only made $145 billion last year, isn't it obvious they need some help.

News flash for Neitzel; while Wisconsin gets "high-end systems engineers who can operate robots, artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art automation systems (on an) assembly line" at a manufacturing plant (already being threatened by robotic replacements or H-1B Visa's), Foxconn is working on another deal in Michigan, where they want to set up a research facility for the development of new technologies. Screwed again:
Taiwan's Foxconn will open a multibillion-dollar research and development plant in Michigan focused on autonomous vehicles, said Foxconn founder Terry Gou.
"Automotive development in the U.S. is still more advanced than China," Gou was quoted as saying. "Besides self-driving technology, I'm also interested in artificial intelligence and deep learning technology." 

Gousha: "What would be the message if for some reason this deal got bogged down, and didn't happen..."

Hogan: "'s not going to happen Mike...but I don't see that'll get through the Assembly, it'll get through the Senate because they want it, they want the right thing to happen."
The fact that the Senate and Assembly will not be putting in writing, anything that would stand in the way of the utopian handshake deal Walker made with Foxconn, as stated by WEDC's Mark Hogan -"We wouldn't look to do that," pretty much nailed it for me. Gousha rightfully appeared shocked by the lack of concern WEDC and the DOA had for taxpayers. How sellouts like Neitzel and Hogan kept from drooling for 10 minutes is anybodies guess:

And then there's this even more nerve-racking possibility, that never really ever goes away... 

Check out the continuing coverage of this interview here....
Walker administration officials: Foxconn analysis doesn’t tell the whole story of benefits and risks
WEDC's former leader Governor Scott Walker, who was relieved of his duties for mismanagement, still thinks his failed public/private development corporation will stay on top of Foxconn job creation. Fat chance. Here's WKOW's Greg Neumann report from last week, and by the way...:

This article just came out...Foxconn jobs created? Less...under the best case scenario...
The long-term ripple effect of a display screen factory planned for southeastern Wisconsin would create between 4,000 and 10,000 fewer jobs than previously estimated, a new study has concluded ... employ 3,000 initially and as many as 13,000 in the coming years.

EY previously calculated that another 22,200 jobs would be created outside the Foxconn plant at suppliers and other businesses such as restaurants, for a total of 35,200. Baker Tilly, on the other hand, figured that a Foxconn plant would create between 12,000 and 18,100 jobs outside the factory, for a total of between 25,000 and 31,100.

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