Saturday, August 19, 2017

Velshi's War against Trump's dissemination of Fake News Talking Points.

MSNBC's Ali Velshi is doing what every other cable news host should be doing...offering on the spot critical analysis, correcting any fake news propaganda as it's being spewed out.

For example, the clip that's burning up the twitter-sphere right now is Velshi's take down of Trump adviser Brad Thomas ballyhooing the impact Trump has had on jobs and the markets. Not so, says's one comment that sums it up:
Velshi and Stephanie are exactly how front desk journalism should be. Give no quarter. Call out lies/stretched truths as they come out of these mouth pieces.

Ali Velshi did the same thing with Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who claimed "ObamaCare" was collapsing. Jordan insisted it wasn't because of the GOP's promise to repeal it or cut funding, which was just not true. Note: CBO did say premiums increases would come down, but that's because the sick would no longer be in the insurance market...what a plan?

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