Friday, May 24, 2019

Vos uses arriving troops to trash Evers in mad ruthless power play that turned out to be wrong!!!

They are mad with power. After Republicans controlled the legislature for 8 long years, is it any wonder they're so arrogant? Talk that "divides" Wisconsinites and stirs up resentment just keeps spewing from their mouths.  

Rep. Robin Vos, acting GOP governor of Wisconsin, is like most other Republicans; they form all their ideas and policies from random anecdotal comments made by their constituents:
JS: Assembly Speaker Robin Vos kicked off the Memorial Day weekend by falsely accusing Gov. Tony Evers of forcing troops to wait hours to greet him. The allegation is not true, according to the Wisconsin National Guard ... The Republican leader on Friday acknowledged he had his facts wrong but didn't delete a tweet making the false accusation.

Well, that's what he heard anyway...hearing is believing. But... 
The schedule was set by the Wisconsin National Guard. "The governor’s office did not request any accommodations nor did we delay anything, in fact we were able to work with the airline to get the second flight home earlier than scheduled so the troops could return to their families sooner."

Vos couldn't stop trying to walk back his irresponsible comments. Here's what I thought about Vos' jaw-dropping tweets:

...and Vos setting an example for Evers? Again, you can't make this stuff up...:

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