Thursday, May 23, 2019

Pro-Lifers will Kill if they must?

Pro-lifers will kill anyone that gets in their way. I'm serious. And that's their disconnect with reality and what makes every one of them look so clueless...they look dumb.

The arrogance of the religious right and its narrow vision of pro-life has always baffled me. Thankfully, everyone is now confronting these phonies with a list actual pro-life issues like health care, clean air, clean water, safe food, vaccinations, and climate change into the discussion, dumbfounding these one issue misinformed zealots who don't seem to understand the consequences of their actions. 

This Piers Morgan moment says it all, and should be made standard practice for anyone confronted by such emotionally disconnected people:  

Speaking to pro-life guest Becky Gerritson, host Piers Morgan questioned her about why she doesn't believe a rape victim should have the right to terminate a pregnancy. He added: "Do you support the death penalty?"

When Becky said that she did, Piers continued: "So you aren’t actually pro-life then. You take life left, right and center. Life is life. Alabama legally takes people's lives when they do things wrong."

Becky responded, "One is in punishment for a crime and it’s justice, it’s completely different. I have a right to carry a gun and I do carry a gun at times and I hope that I never have to use it."

Piers Morgan asked, "You would shoot someone if you had to?"

Becky said she "absolutely" would.

Piers: "People in Alabama would take life with guns, they would take life with executions, and yet they want us to think that if a woman is to have an abortion if they are raped or get impregnated through incest is because you are pro-life, I get it."

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