Sunday, May 26, 2019

Dumb Old Vos/Fitzgerald Tax Cuts Killing Wisconsin Jobs and Progress...

Don't forget, it's not the governments money, it's your money, right? But wait, we're the government, so it's still our money, right?

But for those who are easily convinced it's their money, money they deserve back via a tax cut, thanks for making life in Wisconsin a backward nightmarish hell for everyone else.
(Republicans want to) pass an income tax cut that the governor has all but promised to veto. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said passing the tax cut now would make sure it would happen. "We've got to continue to nip away at Wisconsin's high taxes."
Concept vs Reality: So what's at stake when Republicans push the concept of cutting "high taxes" when reality continues to rack up higher bills that support change and social/business progress? The main section of today's Sunday Wisconsin State Journal should have given everyone a strong reality check on this tax cut lie:

1.  The Health Care Nightmare Maze Grows: Here's just one line from a story screaming for universal health care that will require a tax increase, yes, but reduce a persons total spending and wasted time:

As health care becomes more complicated — and as patients pay a larger share of their bills and adult children take care of a growing elderly population, often from far away — private patient advocates are helping people manage the system. Many health care organizations, insurance companies and government agencies employ patient representatives or navigators ... The health care system “is designed to get health care widgets at a profit, not to get health,” she said. “It’s not so intuitive. It requires more people to get help.”
2. Regional Youth Prison Costs: The state might have to make sure localized youth prisons are funded in the future, jeopardizing their typically irresponsible calls for more tax cuts:

Two counties, La Crosse and Fond du Lac, have backed out of plans to build and operate regional youth prisons, intended to replace Wisconsin’s only youth prison in Irma, citing uncertainties about the cost of operating the facilities without more state support ... “There needs to be a vehicle by which counties can access funds if there’s an operations deficit.” Rep. Michael Schraa, R-Oshkosh, said “That is is not something the state’s going to pick up.”  If losses were fully covered by the state, he said, they would feel no need to rein in costs ... where’s the skin in the game for the counties?” Schraa said.
3. Republicans Ignore Venture Capital Funding, Push Tax Cuts: Conservative business columnist Tom Still's sudden realization that everything he once opposed is now the greatest thing since sliced bread continues. Pathetic but welcome. Yet Republicans would rather cut taxes than spend on a new high tech economy that will create new jobs and businesses:

For reasons that range from the region’s share of U.S. economic clout to the talent produced by the region’s colleges and universities, more investors are discovering the Midwest. The only question is whether Wisconsin policy-makers will be late to the party.

Some have been aggressive about underwriting state funds, matched by private dollars, that co-invest in young companies and other funds. Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and, most recently, Indiana’s Next Level Fund, have followed that approach in the belief a rising investment tide will lift all states in the region.
Wisconsin has a toehold called the Badger Fund of Funds ... a $25-million investment. However, investments in funds established in other Midwest states average hundreds of millions of dollars per state and those dollars are magnets for much more in private investment ... the paybacks are significant in tax dollars, economic growth and good-paying tech jobs. Is Wisconsin primed to step up? Yes, but it will require political will to build upon a tech economy infrastructure that is already growing.

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