Thursday, March 28, 2019

"We’re becoming satisfied with low-paying jobs" no matter how hard we work.

The wealthy have won and are taking everything for themselves. Remember, they can easily buy what most of us typically get in our public services.

Things didn't trickle down to us. We were warned about that the giant sucking sound of manufacturing jobs leaving the US, and how it would turn us into a service economy. 

And here we are, lower wages, lower expectations about our jobs. We have settle for less and gotten used to it. We now think this is normal:
WPR: Steven Deller, interim director of the Center for Community & Economic Development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said Wisconsin jobs (are) shifting away from manufacturing. "It was possible to barely make it out of high school and land a job at a manufacturing firm making decent wages ... the jobs that we’re generating now are in the service sector and they simply don't pay those kind of wages."

"Part of the problem is we’re becoming satisfied with low-paying jobs. You go into some communities and the idea is $15-per-hour is a good paying job. $15-per-hour is barely above the poverty wage," Deller said. "We’ve kind of lowered our expectations in terms of what a good job is and that’s kind of reinforcing and feeding into this problem of the growing working poor."

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