Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Vos' "no tax" blockade on Wisconsin's future.

The message has been mindlessly simple for years; cut taxes, cut spending, it's our money not the governments...etc! The conservative vision of government never made any real world sense.

What Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans have been pushing is another version of The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). It's meant to create a crippling effect, an arbitrary spending limit, so Republicans can put the state economy into fiscal paralysis for years. What ever happened to "spending money to make money?" Reinvesting it in our economy, paying down debt, and upgrading a crumbling infrastructure is not their thing. 

The GOP's ratcheting down effect starts with the idea that extra budget revenue is excess, and has to be sent back, what Republicans claim "is your money, not the governments." That's what happened when George W. Bush, who was lucky enough to have inherited a balanced budget from Bill Clinton, took "surpluses as far as the eye could see" and passed them out as tax cuts instead of paying down the nation debt...which approaching $20 trillion. 

And the Trump tax cut? We now know that none of the following predictions panned out:
The most substantial tax overhaul since the Reagan years has sparked ... at least 285 companies announcing wage increases, bonuses, and higher 401(k) matches for 3 million workers. Utility companies are reducing rates in response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Nope. Here's a thought that makes so much sense...:
Reductions in taxes deepen the amount of government debt and increase the leverage of the wealthy over any nations politics. Such tax cuts also straight-jacket government, reducing its ability to deliver the expected goods to popular majorities. Moreover, hikes in taxes and fees paid by the working classes are used to make up for tax reductions on the wealthy. Therefore, the more many Americans pay, the less they seem to get in return, fueling their increasing distrust and disgruntlement about the role of government in their lives. 
The GOP's Far Right Freeloader Class is Proud of their "Pay Later" Policies: Assembly leader Robin Vos continues to deny the voters changing priorities. In this video clip from Upfront, Vos' "no tax" obsession defies common sense and debate, straitjacketing the state's ability to move forward. But it does preserves the GOP's political ideology in amber, just like those pesky prehistoric insects.

There's an answer to "there's not enough money in the checkbook;" stop cutting taxes and reinvest now. While some are discussing a "basic income" for future generations that will be paid less and lack benefits, Vos is blissfully unaware of these concerns, all the while strapping our kids with even higher taxes. But then it's not his problem:

Note: Vos claims "I would prefer tax cut for everyone who pays taxes." Well, Gov. Evers' proposal to cut just the middle class tax bracket would also go to the wealthy, so Vos Republicans continue to mislead their constituents playing them for suckers. Remember when we found out rich Mitt Romney paid an effective tax rate of 14 percent tax.

I think someone can't get over his party losing the governors race. Wisconsinites now want to try it Evers' way. 

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  1. Well said on the GOP cynicism with these tax plans. It's a strategy to cut taxes for the rich, drive up the deficit, then claim there's nothing available for services that the rest of us depend upon.

    It's not true and it is flat-out corrupt. Plus, what did cutting taxes on corporations get us in Wisconsin? 36th in job growth last year, and 29 straight quarters in the bottom half of the US.