Friday, June 18, 2021

WILL's Rick Esenberg loses debate over Nonpartisan Redistricting Maps to State Sen. Jeff Smith. It was so easy too.

The Wisconsin "Institute" for Law and Liberty (WILL) brags they have an amazing winning track record of cases in Wisconsin's Supreme Court, only because it's one of the most activist conservative courts in the country. Take a look at our own Margery Taylor Greene of Justices, Rebecca Bradley, offering what no one would seriously called a "legal" opinion about COVID-19's statewide restrictions; 

"(She) referred to the order as “tyranny” and later compared it to the internment of Japanese Americans in camps during World War II."

WILL can only win cases in a overtly biased court, spouting logic that echoes conservative conspiracy theories, resentment, and trash talk.

Democrats to End Gerrymandering : The "Institute" is well represented by word-salad lawyer Rick Esenberg, who in the video clip below, easily loses his argument against a Democratic legislator. It wasn't even close. Sen. Jeff Smith (D-Eau Claire), who co-authored the bill, effortlessly unraveled Esenberg's down-the-rabbit-hole meanderings. From WKOW's Capitol City Sunday:  

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