Friday, June 18, 2021

Party of Political Punishers: Republicans replace school funding with...a Tax Cut?/Republican Lock in Police Funding, shred Local Control!

1. The school funding hoax that's really a tax cut scheme by Vos-Republicans deserved some attention today.

After a suffering a year long pandemic, that's all school districts need right now is to work through a punishing defunding scam.

The best and simplest explanation for this insult to every referendum voting parent in their school district was neatly compiled in this string of tweets from Wisconsin Budget Project's Tamarine Cornelius:

2. Punishment Politics, Police Funding-Style: After 11 years of gerrymandered Republican rule, local control is but a fading memory. Disconnecting Police departments from accountability even more than they are now, comes this brutal punishing stranglehold white Republican will have locally. Thanks to Tamarine Cornelius again:

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