Sunday, June 6, 2021

Despite Vos-Republicans 300 day Hiatus during the Pandemic, they claim Gov. Evers record "abysmal failure and absent leadership." Projection.

How different things in Wisconsin would have been if just two Democrats agreed to rush the ratification of labor deals with public unions in 2010, before Scott Walker took office (try finding any reference of this online). Now another two Democrats are blocking the parties agenda, this time nationally with  Sen. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. 

Democrats have not been able to roll out their vision of government, so who's to know? 

1. Biggest Win by Republicans? Stopping Democratic Agenda: By stopping Democrats, Americans will never know if Democratic policies work, if they are better, or if they would fail. With no way of knowing, Republicans can make up anything they want, and manufacture fear around socialism and communism. When Gov. Evers said he was seeking a second term, he pointed this out. WSJ:

“The one predictable thing about this pandemic — and heck, ever since November of 2018 — is that Republicans will do everything in their power to stop our success, to keep us from getting things done, to keep Wisconsin headed in the right direction.”

2. Wisconsin's own QAnon Cultists: Yes, it's a cult of mass deception and manufactured lunacy currently pushing "communism" and a weird kind of "multi-level" projection. Vos-Republicans love it and are exploiting it.

Thing is, you can't begin to reason with them, or you would be the one projecting. Here are a few examples from my wacky friend in Milwaukee. You might be getting a lot of this same stuff from people you know as well:

But he does sent me stories that alert me to the QAnon crisis building nationwide. I don't think we have much time left as a democracy. Not kidding.

3. Nearly a Year, Republicans took a 300-day hiatus from passing COVID-19 legislation, yet Evers was Slow to Respond? Informed that Evers was running for a second term, Republicans want you to forget how they did nothing. Even under Republican majority rule at the Capitol, it's all Evers fault, blame him. But the reality and nuance of each issue below, even help from outraged Vos-Republicans...out the window:

WISGOP: “Over the past three years, Wisconsinites have suffered the consequences of an administration fraught with mismanagement, incompetence and a governor who has been asleep at the wheel. (1) Tony Evers had no plan to handle unemployment claims after shutting down our state’s economy, (2) no plan to address the violence in Kenosha after refusing federal assistance, (3) no plan to reopen schools while students were struggling, and now (4) has no plan to address the labor shortage while business owners are begging him for help. Evers has nothing to run on except a record of abysmal failure and absent leadership.”

 And yes, grotesque projection:

(5) “His only record of accomplishment is he’s really good at blaming Republicans.”
Blaming Republicans for taking a 300 day hiatus during the pandemic, THAT'S unfair? 

Here's a little reality poking through the web of lies: (1.) The system handling unemployment needed replacing, Evers begged for that, but Republicans just canceled funding for it. (2.) He properly responded to Kenosha's request for help. (3.) Evers had a plan to reopen schools but Republicans fought against treating the pandemic like it was real. (4.) The labor shortage predates Evers and unemployment rate is now nearly the same as it was before the pandemic. (5.) Looks who's blaming who.

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