Wednesday, June 16, 2021

If it Quacks like a Racist...

Whitesplaining away Racism!

What does Vos-Republican racism look like in the 21st century? It's ugly. No wonder they don't want anyone to even think about "critical race theory."

1. Background; when our bright white safely gerrymandered Republican legislators knew more about Black History Month than black legislators, picking their own nominees while rejecting the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus' choices. Republican "whitesplainers" were so offended, they decided not to recognize Black History Month month altogether. 
2. Steineke's Race Card Scheme: Shifting the focus away from Robin Vos's breathtaking racist agenda the past 10 years, Republicans passed that baton to Jim Steineke, so he could build up his whiteness creds for heavy breathing Trump trash:
Democrats contacted Rep. Jim Steineke’s office seeking votes on recognizing LGBTQ Pride Month (AJR 45), Wisconsin Motherhood Month (AJR 51) and Gun Violence Survivor Day (AJR 55). Steineke’s office responded: “Acknowledging receipt of your scheduling request. Please see the attached and consult with your leadership team...”

Assembly Democrats explained; “the attachment has been a copy of the May 11, 2021, statement by Rep. Francesca Hong, D-Madison, (who) referenced Assembly Republicans’ refusal to schedule the Black History Month resolution for a vote.”
Steineke took offense and started punishing his Democratic colleagues.

3. This is how racist Vos-Republicans are!
Example two obliterates a Trump-cult talking point that "racist" Democrats, through abortion, are purposely killing black babies. I can't count how many times have I been told this by my "right-to-life" QAnon friend in Milwaukee. Soooo explain this (WI is projected to have massive revenue surpluses of $4.4 billion over 3 years):
The governor’s plan would have also provided $7 million over two years to fund grants addressing Black women’s health and infant mortality. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the mortality rate for infants of non-Hispanic Black women in Wisconsin was 14 percent from 2013 through 2015, the highest in the nation.

The GOP plan did not include funding for that program.

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  1. Among the least reliable arbiters of racism are Wisconsin Democrats. Critical Race Theory is mostly nonsense, with grand and unfounded theories on human nature made by people who want to profit from keeping people at each others' throats. Who would implement CRT instruction? Public teachers who as a rule know very little about critical thinking. I don't trust Dems on CRT, anymore I trust Dems are fighting for freeing the innocent, the wrongfully convicted from whom Dems think they derive a political benefit.