Tuesday, June 29, 2021

It's not Critical Race Theory, it's the Rufo Theory of race...

Scary CRT, Critical Race Theory, will get you! From Sharia Law to Critical Race Theory, same old fear mongering, same old scheme, and it works. The QAnon base can't stop themselves from soaking in the hate.  

The Rufo Theory Exposed! Who is Christopher Rufo? He's the guy marketing CRT as the one-size-fits-all brand that encompasses the entire liberal vision of America, turning it he hopes, "toxic."

MSNBC's Joy Reid gave everyone a chance to hear Rufo defend his scheme, but he crashed and burned like the Hindenburg: 

#RacistRebecca building creds in run for Governor: Jumping right into CRT, Rebecca Kleefisch used a random site pushing defunding the police posted and later unposted at UW Riverfalls as an example, blew it out of proportion with no insightful analysis whatsoever, and then solved our racial problems by saying the Constitution protects the rights of everyone. So what was that slavery, racism, Civil War thing all about anyway? 

Oddly, #racistRebecca must have forgotten "academic freedom" of speech on campus? Weren't unpopular or "different" points of view, the kind you are complaining about here, now protected by the UW's rules on campus free speech?

Remember the often forgotten "implied" constitutional right...

Co-Founder of Critical Race Theory...the Truth:

Banning Critical Race Theory Disaster: There is one thing for certain; bashing, defunding, and privatizing education does NOT qualify Republicans to design curriculum. 

This horror story could be playing out in a classroom near you:

...and just for laughs, Sen. Ted Cruz....

One more thing, check out this CRT legislation from Pennsylvania: Here's the most egregious authoritarian Republican censorship:

1. A license to be openly racist:

Penalty prohibited--No employee, contractor, staff member or student in a Commonwealth, county or municipal agency, school district or public postsecondary institution shall face a penalty or adverse treatment due to a refusal to support, believe, endorse, embrace, confess, act upon or otherwise assent to an racist or sexist concept.

The following shall apply: (1) No instructor, teacher or professor at a public school district or public postsecondary institution shall: (i) teach or (ii) penalize or treat adversely a student who refuses to adopt or express any racist or sexist concept.

2. Academic Freedom-Ban Speakers…yes, ban speakers and racist historical literature, the Civil War?:

(2) No public school district or public postsecondary institution shall: (i) host, pay or provide a venue for a speaker who espouses, advocates or promotes any racist or sexist concept; or (ii) require a student to read, view or listen to a book, article, video presentation, digital presentation or other learning material that espouses, advocates or promotes a racist or sexist concept.

3. Get A Reward for Spying on your Neighbor, Teachers, Schools, and Businesses.  

Private cause of action. The following shall apply: (1) A resident of this Commonwealth shall have standing and a private cause of action to file a civil complaint in a court of common pleas against a Commonwealth, county or municipal agency, school district entity or public postsecondary institution claiming that the entity or institution has violated a provision of this act.

The court shall enjoin the violating entity or institution from receiving funding from the Commonwealth in the following fiscal year and shall award costs and attorney fees to the complainant.

Yes, it never ends. Here's today's discovery and helpful poster for those unsure of just how repressive the Republican Party has become. Seriously, "equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, social justice" all bad, must be rejected:


Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis, a serious presidential contender, is already creating his vision of America, with the "red scare" formula vilifying "critical race theory" that's only taught in law schools:

DeSantis signed the latest in a series of measures aimed at chilling political conversation on college campuses and crimping what teachers in Florida’s classrooms can say about racism or other troubling aspects of America’s past. The new law mandates that Florida’s public universities conduct an annual survey of students’ views on “viewpoint diversity” — with the governor suggesting that campuses not open to right-wing ideas (like his own) could lose government funding. DeSantis said colleges that appear to be what he called “hotbeds of stale ideology” are “not worth tax dollars and not something we’re going to be supporting moving forward.”

The new law came just days after the Florida Board of Education — at the urging of DeSantis, moved to ban the teaching of what it called “critical race theory.” Educators say the ban will make them fearful of suffering consequences for any teaching around America’s historic racism. Party insiders say hysteria over discussions of race in classrooms among white suburban parents is fast becoming a 2.0 version of the Tea Party revolt that propelled the GOP a decade ago.

Robert Dahlgren — a former Florida academic and teacher who studied that state’s wars over academic freedom from 1945-60 said Florida schoolchildren will likely face mandatory testing on the patriotism-oriented curriculum developed by DeSantis’ allies, and he worries that more extreme measures like loyalty oaths for teachers and professors could come in the near future.

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