Friday, June 4, 2021

Vos-Republicans take over schools, design Cancel Culture curricula changing US History on Racism!

What we're seeing now coming from the dangerously gerrymandered Vos-Republican authority is an attempt to tear apart our current social structures in our state for something resembling planned chaos with the threat of retribution. Oh, and then there's this reminder...

If you thought the unabated passing of laws by Republicans to overturn any future election was scary, Republicans are now fundamentally changing US history and how it's taught. With of course, punishments:

Critical of Critical Race Theory, so Republicans push Post Racism Theory: Think about this; QAnon's network of mind bending memes exploding on the national radar could be policy in Wisconsin if it weren't for Democratic Governor Evers. That said, a few dangerously troubling comments from Vos-Republicans have sent a chill to teachers everywhere.

Under one bill, teachers at public and independent charter schools would be barred from teaching "that by virtue of the individual's race or sex, bears responsibility for acts committed in the past by other individuals of the same race or sex."
Republicans are clearly saying we have a clean slate now, that it was somebody else's fault, that we're in a post racial nation despite still accusing liberals of being racist, but that's a whole different topic. Note; never-mind those same past generations are still with us today, passing along their racist views to family and friends and who voted for Trump again. 

Check this out:

So, Republicans are making this comparison: school boards and charter schools are prohibited from requiring training that teaches race or sex stereotyping...with "advocates or promotes race or sex stereotyping." Huh? Can't. make. this. stuff up.  

Snowflakes Republicans? We must protect our children K-12 and those in college. I can't even describe how frightening this concept is:
Rep. Chuck Wichgers, R-Muskego, argued the proposal would protect children from discrimination in the classroom.
"Children should not face state-sanctioned or psychological distress in an educational environment based on immutable characteristics (like race)."
Chaos Governing with Punishment: Doling out punishment is the driving force behind the Republican authoritarian style of governing. And it all will be based on anecdotes and hearsay:
School boards or private school operators who violate those requirements would lose 10 percent of their state funding.
Chaos, Lawsuits, Parental Threats, and Orchestrated Teacher Attacks: This Republicans provision is beyond words...
The proposal also gives parents or guardians the power to bring a legal challenge against a school district or private school operator that violates the law and requires school boards to post online all curricula used in the school district.
Online? What about low income families and rural communities with no/slow internet or don't have a computer? Oh, and can you say "small government" now that local control is gone? 
State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor said in a prepared statement: "This legislation strips away a founding principle in Wisconsin education — that local school boards, closest to and elected by their communities, are best positioned to determine and approve the curriculum necessary to enable students who graduate from their schools to be critical thinkers, college and career ready," 
Just as bad, limiting how race is taught would keep students from feeling obligated to improve relations, while blocking the very mention of those historical leaders who inspired us to keep fighting for racial equality. 

Confederate Flag White Supremist Republicans the real teachers:  Despite all the right-wing white  nationalist groups and militias, we've got to focus on...teachers?
The bill barred from teaching "that one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex." rebuttal:
Angela Harris, who is part of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association’s Black caucus, said the bills are an uninformed and harmful attempt by lawmakers to involve themselves in the education system. "This is just another attempt to silence the truth rooted in white supremacy and to perpetuate the white dominant narrative as well as white comfort. There are no educators that we are aware of (in) K-12 that are teaching that any sex or race is inherently superior than any other race."

Who thinks like This? I found this comment troubling because it's based on projection, where paranoid QAnon victimhood is flipped suggesting students will actually be the victims: 

"As parents, we must protect our kids from the psychological distress in an educational environment which divides them into villains and victims," said Scarlett Johnson, a Hispanic parent in the Mequon-Thiensville School District who has previously been involved in advocacy about race education in Wisconsin.

Trump Decay continues... why?
Former President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning federal contractors from conducting racial sensitivity trainings. President Joe Biden rescinded the order shortly after taking office.
Here are two comments left for the bills author Republican Rep. Chuck Wichgers on Facebook:

It's always good to keep this in mind now with QAnon calling the political shots:

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