Sunday, July 2, 2017

Walker Embarrassed Wisconsin with mixed up Ridiculous Claim about 28 Million American losing health Care under ACA.

The arrogance of power continues to provide us with more and more foot-in-mouth falsehoods pouring out of GOP mouths. It's as if they think they know how to govern now that they've locked in gerrymandered districts and keep getting voted in on ideas.

Scott Walker should not be making simple mistakes like the one below, and still be in charge of running an entire state government. Media Matters summed it up well:
Fox host lets Gov. Scott Walker falsely state that “28 million Americans will lose” health insurance if Obamacare stays ... 28 million is the current number of uninsured people, and the CBO projects it would remain stable. Under GOP Senate plan, (a total of) 49 million would be uninsured.
That's 28 currently uninsured + 21 GOP Senate bill uninsured = 49 Million Americans Uninsured!!!

Walker: "One of the things I wish they'd talk more about is the fact that their own agency, the Congressional Budget Office says that 28 million Americans will lose their health care coverage if nothing happens, if Obamacare continues out there. We don't hear that typically from any of the other media sources out there.
Because it's not true and other experts, politicians and pundits know that.

Not getting that single point, after the last 3 or 4 years of debate, would lead Walker (and probably fellow misinformed GOP friends) to make one of the biggest mistakes the nation would ever see on policy.

A nice (too nice) summary of Walker's screw up can be seen here. Walker is lucky enough to have the help of the GOP legislature to distract and cover-up his average and soon to be disastrous record. It's a freeloader policy that builds over time, unfortunately, leaving the next Democratic Governor and legislature to put in place the necessary increases in taxes to solve the problems Walker wants to leave to our kids.  

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  1. I don't think Walker is mixed up at all. he tried the same crap 3 weeks ago, when Mike Pence was in town for an anti-ACA photo op.

    Walker is intentionally trying to confuse people between the 28 million who won't have insurance under current law, and the 21 MILLION MORE that will lose it under the GOP bill. It is disgusting cynicism.

    I would like Politi-"fact" to call Walker our on this, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Jake formerly of the LP