Thursday, July 6, 2017

Republicans educational agenda: "Firearm Safety" classes? Gun Indoctrination and Marketing in our Schools.

Gun safety training in high school, but no driver ed training?
Teenagers could learn in school how to safely handle firearms under a bill introduced last week by Republican lawmakers ... as an elective.
Why? Gun indoctrination and gun industry profits...:
The bill was created with help from trap club coaches and officials overseeing state clay target programs and gun club owners.
This is a Marketing Plan Targeting Kids: Maybe I'm just hanging with the wrong crowd, the not-so-elite who don't trap shoot, but really...this is trap shooting gun club marketing to kids.

...All the while Pushing Right to Carry with NO GUN TRAINING? You can't make this stuff up
People in Wisconsin would be able to carry concealed firearms without getting training or state permits, under a proposal debated by lawmakers Wednesday.
Republicans say that since 2011, there have been few problems and some successes from the more than 500,000 concealed carry permits issued. (NOTE:) Documenting that statistically is challenging because, unlike hunting licenses, the concealed carry law specifically exempts most state records involving concealed carry permits from the state's open records law.
Guns for Our Kids vs Driver Ed: What, no such offer for drivers ed classes with the help of the used car dealers lobby? As a parent of two high school sons, it's frustrating not to have driver training classes in school. It was part of my high school years, because, well, everybody needed to drive. 

But then penny pinching politicians started cutting away at education, and targeted driver ed:
In the 1970s, 95 percent of eligible students received driver education coursework in all States and the District of Columbia ... funds available ... Currently, there are minimal or no funds available for effective program management in States and jurisdictions.
Republican Indoctrination - Guns not Dangerous Cars 1: I don't think you can get any more obvious than this recipe for indoctrination:
The elective course would teach students about the different types of firearms and how they work, how to safely carry and transport firearms and how to engage a safety lock on firearms, among other skills.
Republican Indoctrination - Guns not Dangerous Cars 2: The guy who pushed hunting in parks and near schools, Rep. Joel Kleefisch said...
“The use of a firearm comes with a massive responsibility. In a state where firearms are part of our heritage, entertainment, sustenance...The bottom line is guns are an integral part of Wisconsin society "
Democratic Rep. Sondy Pope, D-Cross Plains said the obvious, including more courses dealing with "education," remember that?
“I think it’s appalling that credit would be given to these classes. There is a hunting culture that exists and that’s perfectly fine if people want their children to grow up being hunters ... but that should remain outside of the school. When you get to a large city like Milwaukee, Racine or Kenosha — weapons take on a different meaning to me.” 

She is uncomfortable with the idea that students would be introduced to handguns. Pope said she wants DPI’s time to be spent on improving curriculum for other subjects like reading, writing or environmental studies, and is concerned about introducing children to firearms.

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