Thursday, July 20, 2017

Despite Human Toll, Trump would "Let ObamaCare" Fail."

If you saw something that effected hundreds of millions of people falling apart, becoming a danger to everyone, who would let that happen - without fixing it - even if you were politically opposed to it?

Our sociopathic, malignant narcissist illegitimate president Comrade Trump would let it happen. A breathtaking comment not to be forgotten:

Trump’s Obamacare repeal position changes in a day: On Tuesday, President Trump said, “We’ll let Obamacare fail.” On Wednesday, he appeared to change his tune, saying, “We have to repeal and replace Obamacare. The best is repeal and replace.” He also suggested senators should remain in Washington, D.C., until they get that done.
When 32 Million Americans Losing Insurance Doesn't Matter: The one question no one has asked yet; despite promising to repeal ObamaCare, when Republicans found out how many Americans would lose insurance, wouldn't you think they'd back away from the idea and change course? Thoughtful smart people would say yes, but not the ideologically driven politicians that have never had to deal with buying insurance and get it free from taxpayers:
Conservatives are furious – furious – that Senate Republicans got close to repealing big parts of Obamacare and are now on the verge of walking away from the effort altogether, possibly leaving President Obama’s health-care law on the books for the foreseeable future. No issue motivated conservative activists more over the past seven year ... Their path seemed clear ... Just about every Republican who won a national election since the ACA was passed had promised to repeal it as part of their platform.

FreedomWorks is prepping a “Freedom Traitor Award” along with a bust of Benedict Arnold to deliver to the offices of any Republicans who help block the repeal effort next week ... the group is “aggressively targeting” Portman and Capito’s offices.

Tea Party Patriots and Club for Growth launched a website called "Obamacare Repeal Traitors" featuring photos of Murkowski, Capito and Portman.

And good luck with targeting these GOP "traitors," since many of them aren't up for reelection till at least 2020 or 2022.

CBO Report Out: The Cruz amendment would have little effect, according to the CBO. That seems odd to me, knowing how the individual market would collapse and premiums skyrocket...
22 Million More Uninsured Under Senate Obamacare 'Replacement,' CBO Says: By 2026, 50 million Americans would lack health coverage, compared with 28 million if the Affordable Care Act were left in place, the Congressional Budget Office projects in its new report.

In exchange for these coverage losses and the Senate bill’s weakening of consumer protections for health insurance policyholders, health care corporations would enjoy hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts.
Again, just how can Republicans tweak this, and then try to sell it? I would love to them try:
The Congressional Budget Office concluded in a report published Wednesday:
1. The result of these changes would be chaos in the insurance market, in addition to millions losing their Medicaid coverage.

2. Thirty-two million more people would be uninsured after 10 years, including 17 million next year alone. 

3. Health insurance premiums would double over the coming decade. 

4. And insurance carriers would flee a market destabilized by the continued guarantee of coverage for people with pre-existing conditions but without a mandate for healthy people to enroll or financial assistance for low- and middle-income people to get insurance, eventually leading to three-quarters of the country living in a geographic area without health insurance providers.

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