Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Truth about Health Care GOP BS!!!

The simple truth about ObamaCare is this; it's a conservative, Heritage Foundation health care plan that includes over 100 Republican amendments. You can't get any more Republican than that! 

And yet the GOP has successfully sold the public on the idea that this is a liberal big government solution to a non-existent problem, forced on us by President Obama. The truth is, the CBO projections on both the House and Senate plans does two things; it tells us how bad their reform plans are, and most importantly, shines a light on how bad the free market version of health care will be, again.

Taxpayers on the Hook with High Risk Pools: Seriously, one of the biggest complaints by conservative voters is the idea their health care dollars would be used to pay for someone else's treatment. It drives me crazy. They must think their premium payments are being put aside for just them. So who pays for the insurance company employees and their wealthy CEO's?

Getting Rid of Health Insurance Completely: Why pay for insurance at all!!! Just automatically enroll sick people into the high risk pools, paid for by general tax revenue, and do away with the crazy idea of insurance for the healthy. Dumb Ron Johnson below is basically making that argument, but doesn't know it.  

Government Health Care Doesn't Work? Just the opposite, since every other industrialized country in the world has proved over and over that it does work. By the way, there isn't one example of a successful free market health care system anywhere. None.

Paul Ryan admits, Universal Health Care - Medicare for All Better Deal: He did, in a 2009 comment on ObamaCare, saying private insurers couldn't compete with the better government deal.

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