Sunday, July 30, 2017

Conservative Hypocrite Tomi Lahren joins long list of clueless Repeal ObamaCare beneficiaries.

Conservatives have a bizarre unexplainable disconnect from reality, that I believe acts as a defense mechanism against what I call "inadvertent hypocrisy." 

Take the Republican attempt at health care reform, otherwise known as tax cuts for the wealthy. It's the ultimate in a massive big government bureaucracy with burdensome regulatory hoops to jump through for every possible health care need, like Medicaid eligibility and high risk pools. "Inadvertent hypocrisy." 

Or how about staying on your parents health care plan until you're 26, while still complaining about the horrors of "ObamaCare." "Inadvertent hypocrisy."

The cell phone clip below is from a conservative audience member. I'm mentioning that because the guy who recorded this, loudly proclaimed his allegiance to Trump throughout the video, except during the Tomi Lahren/Chelsea Handler exchange featured here. Coincidence? Just wanted you to keep that in mind: 

Crooks and Liars: Tomi Lahren, conservative mouthpiece who was fired from The Blaze after her pro-choice comments, was invited to chat with Chelsea Handler ... she also dropped this poorly timed sentence:
Chelsea Handler: "So do you have a health care plan?"

Tomi Lahren: “Luckily, I am 24, so I am still on my parents’ plan.”
That line drew loud boos from the crowd at her insane hypocrisy. Duh. Does she even think before she speaks? She is sitting there bashing the *very* program that allows her to actually retain insurance after she was fired just a few months ago ... Tomi, you should be thanking Obama.
A few quick comebacks that Democrats should hammer home, for people like Tomi Lahren:
1. Comparing universal health care to VA health plan: Sorry, but try comparing our private system to every other country in the world with a national health care plan, skip trashing the VA.

2. There are waiting lines in Canada and other Countries: There are waiting lines in the U.S., we're not different. Anyone try seeing a dermatologist lately for that cancerous looking sore on your arm?

3. Every State is So Different: No, the people in those states aren't any different than humans in every other state. Same biology, same health care needs, same diseases. They aren't different in each state.

4. The American People voted, they Don't Want ObamaCare, elections have Consequences: Ah, Americans didn't know what Republicans were going to offer as a replacement, and they didn't vote for any one of the quickly cooked up "plans" over lunch on napkins, or in a back room with no public input. That's a huge difference.
It's Always Someone Else's Fault: Remember how Republicans said Bush policies failed because he wasn't conservative enough? Well, the same will be said about Trump and...Scaramucci, because they both weren't just conservative enough, they were once "liberals." Once liberals is the key, meaning they are now Republicans. Period.

I don't have the video, but here's the transcript from Variety:
The pair did seem to come to an agreement on one thing — Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s incoming communications director. When Lahren defended Trump’s staff selections and those he surrounds himself with, one person in the audience shouted, “Scaramucci.”
Lahren: “He’s a former liberal, so he is one of yours.”

Handler: “Well, you can have him."

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