Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Trump Cultist Culture of Crying Victimhood.

I've been told Trump cultist video clips aren't really representative of the many of the other Republican voters, that we can't draw any conclusions from a few Trump Trash interviews. I say they're wrong.

Trump enablers are a quivering jumble of insecure and immature low information voters still celebrating their lack of adult supervision. 

Trump Cult jihadists?Defying reality, Trump claimed anti-fascists were the actual fascists, that by default, made American nationalist terrorist organizations the go to MAGA defenders:

MSNBCColin P. Clarke, a senior research fellow at the Soufan Center, a global security research group, advised, “The reason a kid like Kyle Rittenhouse would go grab a gun and join a local militia is the same reason why somebody would be lured to a jihadi group.”
So the Trump's Department of Homeland Security decided to mirror those same recruitment measures, defining Kyle Rittenhouse's actions as defensive and sympathetic. Not kidding, this really happened: 

And they're ready to die for Trump and their mask-less pandemic:

This short video of a take-our-freedom-back rally comically warns "better start acting like American men and women, or we're going to end up like Chinese men and women."

Or "Get our nation back, get our freedom back, and GET OUR STUFF BACK."?

It's starts out small, like the supposed "innocent" use of doxing someone (posting the address and phone #), like those liberal enemies of the authoritarian movement, using fear and death threats as a God given free speech right. And every WI Republican Supreme Court Justice sealed that toxic terror into law:
72 yr old Associate Professor John McAdams’ used his personal blog to mock a student teacher, intentionally exposing her name and contact information to a hostile audience that sent her vile and threatening messages."

In a 4-2 ruling, the Court ruled that Marquette University political science professor was improperly suspended  (WILL's) Esenberg said claims that McAdams had endangered the graduate instructor were overblown"If criticizing somebody amounts to 'painting a target' on their back … then none of us are free to say anything."

Justice Rebecca Bradley stressed...
"Academic freedom means nothing if faculty is forced to self-censor in fear of offending the unforeseen and ever-evolving sensitivities of adversaries demanding retribution." 

Today, doxing "freedom" has gone where we thought it would go politically: 

NewYorker: Michigan state Rep. Cynthia Johnson, who is African-American, posted to Facebook a number of hate messages that were left on her phone. “Your name and phone number is out there now,” an unidentified woman says in one of the messages. “You’re getting doxed bitch. You’re done. You’re so f***ing done. You should be swinging from a f***ing rope, you Democrat.”
The "Trump Won" bat-sh*t Crazy Cult: Sure President elect Joe Biden handily won the election, but that wasn't enough for radicalized Trump-trash cultists. Anyone willing to criticize Trump is a dangerous disgruntled enemy of America. Hillary said exactly that: 

Rep. Tom Tiffany Okay with Trump Changing Result of Election: Yet in Scott Walker's recall, the bad Dems were trying to change the results of an election:
Tiffany: "It's not our first time dealing with Democrats who want to change the result of an election. Long before the impeachment, we had recall elections held to cancel our votes for Gov. Scott Walker. When Wisconsin voters saw it was nothing more than a sham … they supported us on Election Day."
Trump's Stop-the-Steal Victimhood! Trump easily convinced cultists that Biden will become our illegitimate president. Below, is another compilation of cultist interviews that sound so much like the conversations we all have had with friend and relatives. This is representative of Trump's cult of personality. I've also noticed the word "socialist" being brought up a lot. Next time, ask them to point out anything around them or in their community that isn't government socialism. They might be surprised. 

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