Sunday, November 29, 2020

WI Republican Policy holding back jobs, full time jobs, and a better economy.

Cleaning through my desktop today, and I found a few interesting articles that will once again prove how bad Republican policy are, based on anecdotal voter comments, when it comes to job creation and increased fulltime work:

WI Republicans Oppose Medical Marijuana: AARP 8/2019: 

1. A Survey of 100,000 people over 50, after medical marijuana laws were passed, discovered a nearly 5 percent decrease in reported pain and an increase in full-time work. 

WI Republicans Oppose Food Stamp Benefits: Wisconsin State Journal: 

1. Positive impact on local employment with an increase of 0.4 jobs per $10,000 in SNAP from 2001-2014.  During the GOP's Great Recession, SNAP reported an increase of $1.73 in US gross domestic product for every $1 spending.

2. Rural areas in 2010, the SNAP participation rate was82 percent but only 70 percent in urban areas. 

3. Between 2008-2010, every $10,000 in SNAP redemptions resulted in one additional job. 

Republicans holding Back Economy and Jobs: Purely ideological grumblings over food stamps defies reality, jobs, and economic benefits. 

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