Sunday, November 22, 2020

Republicans/Trump set up 2021 to Fail!

It's telling when a whole group of stories come together to tell one big story about the U.S. economy under Republican control (Trump/U.S. Senate/ Wisconsin's GOP Legislature). 

Businesses are Dying, and Republicans are ignoring the COVID Job Killer: Republicans will gaslight and blame Democrats for the upcoming sluggish economy and lost businesses in 2021. But again, these are problems they created, and have no intention of solving. 

On a National level, Trump has decided to tank the Biden economy, because he can and wants to:

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told the Federal Reserve Thursday that he wants his money back. Well, not his money, but rather $455 million from the CARES Act.

This money supported about a half a dozen Fed programs that stabilized credit markets. The Fed, meanwhile, has all but said directly that’s a bad idea. The Fed supported credit markets, so credit markets could support people.
In one of the most blunt and honest assessments of just what Trump is doing, check out the audio below:
"Marketplace" host Kai Ryssdal talks with Business Insider’s Linette Lopez and the New York Times’ Jeanna Smialek about the relationship between the Federal Reserve and the Treasury, and how it's affecting coronavirus relief.

Sen. Jon Erpenbach recently asked Sen. Chris Kapenga to do something, anything: 

"This isn’t fear mongering. This is real life. The sooner we get this virus under control, the sooner we can shop on our Main Streets, dine in our restaurants, go to a Bucks game or enjoy an Old Fashioned at our local taverns."
JOB KILLING Kapenga: What we need are more Discussions (not businesses): Can they really get away with this year after year? Kapenga understated the economic urgency:
"Obviously, the citizens of Wisconsin have been speaking up, saying 'Hey, we really want you guys to get together and get something done,'" Kapenga said. "Obviously, we're concerned as the numbers continue to rise.

Obviously? Oh yea, Kapenga wants to bring back the one week waiting period for unemployment benefits because, well, the pandemic is now just an afterthought?

JOB KILLING Tiffany: COVID? Tiffany did nothing as well, putting businesses and unemployed workers at financial risk. Take a look at Tiffany's State Journal opinion piece that really did intentionally leave out the raging pandemic. (my interpretation in brackets)

From March to June, a period that included widespread school closures (widespread COVID?) … While potentially losing an entire generation of our children’s education is bad enough (thanks to no COVID legislation) … causing severe dislocations to families as well as our health care system (people are home, not working, with no or reduced income).
JOB KILLING PROOF, Follow the Timeline: The closing of Angelo's Restaurant proves how Republican public safety inaction directly affected Angelo's and every other business in the state:
At first, when dining rooms were closed by county order in March, McGuigan said Angelo’s did well with carryout, but that “trickled off” as the months wore on. 
When Gov. Evers "Stay at Home" order reduced COVID-19 cases...
He was encouraged for a short time when restaurants were allowed a 50% capacity
But "freedom" and "liberty" Trump cultist won the day...
…but when the virus spiked and capacity was reduced back to 25%, it was hard to make it work. McGuigan said the early support was great, but he realizes at some point it gets expensive for people. “They’ve got to watch their costs, their expenses,” he said.
What's Next: Republicans continue discount wearing masks or any other public safety measure because they're hung up on Gov. Evers ability to call for a statewide mask mandate. That's really it, they won't do anything until the State Supreme Court kills it, then they can say how bad Evers is while still not putting their own statewide mandate in place. 

And with the federal dollars ending in the new year, Republicans won't spend a penny.

Leaving it up to people to make that decision hasn't worked, and businesses around Wisconsin are closing and leaving families jobless. 

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