Sunday, December 6, 2020

Host of "Defend the Vote Rally" in Milwaukee dies. And Trump-Trash Vicki McKenna and David Clarke move on...

No condolences, no big thank you's for his help, no apology for their violent physical assault on Serb Hall's manager Nick Alioto who begged anti-face mask rally goers to follow Covid-19 restrictions during their mob-like protest. Coward Vicki McKenna? Coward David Clarke? 

Nick Alioto has died from a heart condition while battling COVID-19, the virus he contracted 3 days after the rally. The virus is known for impacting those with heart problems specifically, but the medical report ignored the science, and said it was not a factor. Really?

Oddly Alioto later voiced support for the rally, even downplayed the assault while complimenting the majority of cultists. They didn't deserve it. 

This is how the Trump mob of rioters responded to the only adult at the rally:

A brief struggle at a rally outside Milwaukee's Serb Hall on Saturday ended with the venue's general manager on the ground, where he says he was kicked by supporters of President Donald Trump.

A "Defend Your Vote" rally broke up when Nick Alioto asked protesters to comply with the city's public health order aimed at stemming the spread of the coronavirus, saying, "I'm not going to lose our license" over this.

In video captured by Fox6, people in the crowd yelled obscenities at Alioto and told him to "get out of here," even though they were using his lot. Within seconds, Alioto was surrounded, and one man grabbed him from behind, apparently trying to take the microphone from his hands. Alioto said several people kicked him in the ribs and chest, though that is not visible on the video.

Knocked off balance, Alioto fell to the ground, visibly stunned. A few people attempted to help him up, while others continued to berate him and start a "USA, USA" chant.
Sit down for this: The anger toward Nick Alioto was swift. Why? Because he interrupted former Sheriff David Clarke who was at the time promoting membership in the Proud Boys...not kidding. It's all in the video below. That didn't sit well with the rabid Trump-Trash crowd. Watch the chaos before and after, shocking and horrifying that this is a growing movement, and an historical marker if there ever was one. This video best encapsulates the Trump years:

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