Sunday, June 23, 2019

Trump administration must be told by 3 judge panel what is or isn't humane treatment of children.

There's a lot of talk about Trump's tough immigration policy, but no talk about how big a failure its been since the flow of immigrants is only getting worse. In my book, that's a disaster created by Trump. VP Mike Pence gave us an idea of what Christ would have done, you know, the evangelical position...

The morally and ethically bankrupt Trump Cult-Party is even making the argument that because certain basic human needs weren't spelled out in policy, we have no responsibility to care anymore for...children? AOC and Rolling Stone:

Here's the administrations attorney defending child cruelty to the astonished judges, in the video burning up twitter and social media:

From NPR, Warren Binford, the law professor who visited some of the facilities. This is real. Detention center of concentration camp, you can choose:

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  1. Hey dum dum,

    An emergency funding bill passed through the Senate Appropriations Committee last week with bipartisan support.

    House Democrats do nothing.

    Earlier this year, Democrats opposed increasing the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention beds.

    Perhaps democrats don't want to solve the problem.