Tuesday, June 18, 2019

...and Republicans did it all without increasing taxes?

I usually leave the economic and job numbers up to Jake's Wisconsin Funhouse, but on a more macro level, I've got a few observations of my own.

On transportation and unrelated tax cut for lower and middle class:
1. The Republicans said that raising fees is a tax increase. Okay. And that hits every Wisconsin driver in the pocket, not out of state road users. Got it.

2. That tax/fee increase is for transportation funding only, and has nothing to do with the general revenue fund. Got it.

3. To supposedly balance that fee/tax increase in the constitutionally walled off transportation fund (take that Jim Doyle), Republicans decided to cut taxes out of the...general revenue fund?

4. So the GOP middle class tax cut would permanently reduce the general revenue fund by $250 million a year. Got it. And no, it's not paid for or balances off the fee increases.

5. Oddly, Republicans are now bragging they did all this without raising taxes (fee/tax increases)?
I'm not that great with numbers, but seriously, does any of this work?
1. Republicans pretend no gas tax is needed as a bridge to the move toward hybrid/electric cars, because they think we don't already know they in the pocket of big oil and trucking.

2. Republicans pretend we'll never need revenue for solving the escalating CAFO/Dairy Farm disaster killing off family farms. Corporate farms can contribute more campaign money.

3. Republicans pretend cleaning up contaminated drinking water in the state won't cost a thing.

4. Republicans pretend costly lead pipe removal isn't a priority, a waste of rural taxpayer money, and is just a big city problem.

5. Republicans pretend transportation magically will pay for statewide mass transit that would connect nearby more affordable rural communities, maybe add train routes and trips. Not happening thanks to anti-localized tax Republicans:
The Republican-controlled state Legislature has opposed regional transit authorities, which would have the power to levy taxes as another source of funding for public transit. Former Gov. Scott Walker signed a law In 2011 barring the creation of RTAs. That law dissolved RTAs in Dane County, the Chippewa Valley and Chequamegon Bay and also eliminated the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority, which aimed to establish a commuter rail line connecting Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee.
6. Republicans pretend the green energy changeover won't cost a thing because climate change is a hoax and the electrical grid...uh, what's that?
Okay, I'm done venting. As you can imagine, this post would have taken years to write if I had supplied every link to stories I already have a tab for in my browsers. 

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