Wednesday, June 5, 2019

GOP makes Wisconsin a Throwback Island in a sea of Midwest States.

As long as Wisconsin is locked into GOP gerrymandered control, our state keeps falling further and further behind. We're trying to get people to come and work here while keeping the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour? Good luck. 

Wisconsin is lagging behind most of its Midwest neighbors in attracting highly educated workers.

Three out of the four states that border Wisconsin — Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota — have now legalized marijuana use and two of them allow residents to purchase and consume cannabis for any reason.

While more and more state legislatures are embracing legal marijuana for medical or recreational reasons — 33 in all — Wisconsin isn't likely to anytime soon.
Pot is causing problems in other States? Yeah, I guess,...
"Some of the results of legalization in other states have been troubling," said Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, a Republican from Juneau. "It would be wise for Wisconsin to take a more measured approach and wait to see how it plays out in other states in the Midwest before rushing any kind of legalization here."

All 33 states have apparently rushed blindly ahead of Wisconsin, who finally approved agricultural hemp?  

It was no accident that Tony Evers became governor. The public is ready for progress no matter how many suck-ups stroke the egos of our gerrymandered Republican "winners" in their districts.

Wisconsin supports Gov. Evers' Clearly Articulated Vision for State:  This new poll I hope means a few GOP seats are in danger:
A new Public Policy Polling survey finds that Wisconsin voters support Governor Evers’ 2019- 2021 budget provisions. The majority (60%) of voters believe in ensuring more Wisconsinites have access to affordable healthcare and prescription drugs.

62% of statewide voters prefer the elimination of minimum markup while raising the gas tax by 8 cents per gallon.
Broken down by districts: Senate District 13- Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald:
63% in SD 13 believe that Republican leaders should work with Governor Evers

53% favorability for Evers

62% of voters agree with increasing the gas tax and eliminating minimum markup.

12% prefer raising vehicle registration fees.

83% of voters believe Gov/Legislature develop a long-term solution for state’s roads.

69% of voters believe the minimum markup law should be eliminated.
Assembly District 63- Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly Robin Vos:
65% of voters believe Republican leaders should work with Gov. Evers.

54% favorability for Evers.

60% of voters agree with increasing the gas tax and eliminating the minimum markup.

13% agree more with raising vehicle registration fees.

75% of voters believe the Gov/Legislature should act on a long-term solution for roads.

61% of voters believe the minimum markup law should be eliminated.

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