Thursday, June 13, 2019

Republican voters might want to pay more attention...

A few jaw dropping truths about our lawless Trump Party cult:

1. Constitutional conservatives not so constitutional, where the Constitution is more like "guidelines," and not law
A District Attorney in Tennessee is under fire for claiming gay people in his county do not have the same rights as straight people. Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott believes God does not recognize marriages of same-sex couples so gay victims of domestic violence are not granted the same protections in his county. Northcott says he prosecutes those crimes merely as basic assault cases.

2. Artificial "Satanic" Meats will make you Soulless? Anything is possible in the religious rights paranoid infested world:

3. George Will Pretends Republicans were ever Free Market? The party of corporate welfare was never free market or small government, except when it came to serving their constituents:
Will: "The president goes to Iowa the other day and says 'I know my tariffs have hurt you but I'm making you whole by giving you $15 billion.' Now that...think about that. We hurt the farmers, raised prices for American consumers, and then we take from American taxpayers $15 billion to repair the injuries that government has done to farmers."  

4. Trump chose someone this dumb for's Ben Carson: But his how administration is filled with these incompetents really, Carson is just slower than the others:

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