Friday, September 22, 2017

TV Host Kimmel proves GOP elites Hypocrites, put TV Reality Show Trump in White House: What does he know?

Jimmy Kimmel is an American success story who came from humble beginnings. Kimmel stuck with entertainment, even after getting fired from a number of radio stations before working his way into television. Through hard work, is now hosting his own highly successful late night comedy show on a major network.

And yet, he's a Hollywood elitist, just a comedian, who couldn't possibly understand health care.

Tell me if career politician Paul Ryan even comes close to understanding how health care insurance really works. I recorded video with the original tweet that points out the obvious:

So Kimmel unqualified and is overstepping his free speech rights by criticizing truthfully the lie that Ryan and the Graham-Cassidy bill represent. Amazing. Yea but Republican free market-like posers would use taxpayer dollars to pay for the sick so insurers wouldn't have to, no hypocrisy there.

Plus Republicans criticize poor Americans who use our social safety nets because they didn't work hard enough, then turn around and bash hard work and success when its against those who criticize them. Sweet.

Jimmy Kimmel is such a good messenger on health care, that I'm posting a few of his late night rants against the Graham-Cassidy bill:

One more thing: This whole no debate/pass something now thing seemed oddly fast. All in with Chris Hayes I think hit on the reason why; billionaire campaign funding demands:

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