Saturday, September 23, 2017

Scott Walker to "depend on uncertain federal funds" for Medicaid now, changing his mind about getting federal dollars back!!!

Huh? Scott Walker now believes taking "uncertain federal funds from the government for Medicaid is A-okay? Anyone else got whiplash? 

Scott Walker won't Depend on Unreliable Federal Medicaid Funding: Just to be clear, Walker turn down Medicaid expansion because it was supposedly an unreliable source for funding, so taking no money was the better than the Obama alternative.
The Walker administration contended that the federal government eventually will reduce the money available to states through the law because of persistent U.S. budget deficits.

The federal government cannot meet its current Medicaid obligations, Laurel Patrick, a spokeswoman for Walker, said in an email ... "We maintain that states should not depend on the use of uncertain federal funds, which is why Governor Walker implemented unique reforms ..." Patrick said.
Scott Walker will Depend on Unreliable Federal Medicaid Funding: While Democrats and independents were screaming "Let's get our federal tax dollars back for Medicaid expansion, don't turn down getting our own money back..."

...Walker is now saying, "Let's get our federal tax dollars back!" He really doesn't remember his principled stand? Fox News:

Going Easy on Sexual Assaults on Campus vs Cracking down on Truck-stop Human Trafficking? Republicans are masters at having it both ways because they do it so often, their own voters can't keep track. So which is it, are Republicans for or against protecting women from sexual assault and/or exploitation? First, jaws dropped when Trump irresponsibly eased off the epidemic of campus sexual assaults. Not a whisper from outraged Republicans:

The action crystallized a pledge Education Secretary Betsy DeVos made on Sept. 7 to replace what she called a “failed system” of civil rights enforcement related to campus sexual assault. In her view, the government under President Barack Obama did not strike the right balance in protecting the rights of victims and the accused ... "institutions are going to need to look at their processes to make sure they’re not biased against the accused."
Yet, breathless Wisconsin Republicans are targeting human trafficking at truck-stops, without ever complaining or demanding Trump back off the tougher standards dealing with sexual assaults on campus. And thank you Rep. Kleefisch for saying "Wisconsin is a hub of human trafficking." What a way to promote the state. WISC TV:

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