Sunday, January 1, 2017

Trump's New Year's cheap shot about Working Together.

I know Trumpian voters will make sense out of his oddly contradictory messages to the nation via Twitter, but still, I thought it was worth the effort to lay it out here. Let's start with this foreboding "kumbaya" moment:

Trump's "Best wishes"...commemorating the tragedy of 9/11, may have been an awkward first step for a sociopathic narcissist, but the nation seemed encouraged when Trump boldly proclaimed this Christmas tweet:

Yes, Trump's impressive four "very's" made the holiday great again. 

But then, after another of Trump's signature mood swings...came this "joyful" outburst,

...followed by a scripted, more deceptively played message...

Motivated by Trump's message of working together, conservatives everywhere spread those many blessings via email to close out the year, like these in my inbox: 

Ends Justify Means: Trump's plan to work together include our good friends in Russia, who help create greater political transparency by hacking Trump's Democratic opponents and influencing the presidential election. This was a conservatives dream come true...

Salon: Donald Trump praises Vladimir Putin as “smart” for delayed response, as Russian Embassy in UK gloats about “victory. ”What Trump seems to be referring to here is the widely-held belief that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin decided not to retaliate against Obama’s sanctions in the hope that he could smooth things over with Trump once he took office. Not only would Trump’s tweet indicate that he’s on board with that approach ... but it also means that he is outright praising a hostile leader for defying a sitting American president.

Of course Putin respects Trump's great, great, great, great leadership:

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