Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fringe "Reporter" pushed DNR to magically eliminate looming Climate Change!

My head is hurting after reading what appeared to be a fairly boring story about the DNR scrubbing their website of climate change information. It was crazy enough to disappear climate change, but even crazier to pretend climate change doesn't exist. Now we're finding out the DNR made the change at the request of a reporter at the Lakeland Times. That's all it took. You won't believe this...

It turned out the relevant and outrageous details of this national news story were oddly buried at the end of a JS story reported yesterday. So let’s start there:
Richard Moore: Climate Denier
In an interview on Dec. 19, Richard Moore, investigative reporter for the Lakeland Times, asked Stepp and Deputy Secretary Kurt Thiede that since “DNR officials have been publicly stating for at least three years that the causes of climate change are debatable … why the climate page was never changed,” the newspaper reported.

"Stepp said she did not know what we were referring to but said what we were telling her was concerning and she would check out the climate-change page to make sure she was getting the right information," the Minocqua-based newspaper reported.

"If there is something on our website that I'm not familiar was on our website, I thank you for bringing that to my attention," Stepp said.
Oh, and by the way, the “investigative reporter” is a right wing paranoid denier, a fact that again, was buried at the end of the JS story:
Moore is the author of "The New Bossism of the American Left," and "How the DNR Stole Wisconsin."
I want to make this perfectly clear, fake news instigators, authors and now right wing propagandist “reporters” are giving policy guidance our state government. And the Walker administration took the bait.

Cleverly Duping the DNR Again?: Hand it to the JS for craftily setting up what might be the next major deletion on the DNR’s website:
The Journal Sentinel asked the DNR whether the agency planned to scrub other language related to human factors in climate change on the website, such as a web page devoted waste management. The page says, "We now have a clearer understanding of the role waste and materials management plays in global climate change and, most importantly, the opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the waste and materials management sphere."

Dick, the DNR spokesman, responded in an email: "Thank you for bringing that landfill page to our attention. Now that you have, we’ll take a look at it and see if it needs updating."
If you take a quick look at Richard Moore's "How the DNR stole Wisconsin, Part 2," you'll see why Cathy Stepp made those DNR changes so quickly:
How the DNR Stole Wisconsin: These bureaucracies are filled with partisan, protected activists who care not about the will of the people. They peddle leftist and globalist agendas, and they have the authority through administrative rules to enact them. They lust after power and absolute power, and no lawmaker has the guts to take them on. in 2008. Here’s what I said about the agency then (2008): “The DNR runs roughshod over anyone who dares to question it. It uses intimidation, often hangs its hat on questionable science, makes up its own laws on the spot, enforces arbitrary, one-size-fits-all rules with often-absurd consequences, and lies and covers up when it has to.” 

The Times asked the DNR specific questions about its climate-change activities because we wondered whether the agency might rethink its policy assumptions given new information. We wondered why the agency presented only one point of view on its web pages, and why it distributed one-sided propaganda to school teachers. DNR spokesperson Mr. Cosh’s assurance in 2011 that a climate-change handbook for teachers had been discontinued, when in fact it is still distributed. The agency needs to perform a mea culpa and apologize for its dishonesty. 

The goal of those the DNR partners with is to work globally and locally to destroy the American economy and to shift power and wealth to nondemocratic Third World countries.
I checked out Richard Moore's other book, to get his perspective on the "American Left." I especially liked the bizarre assumption that anyone on the left "seeks to control every aspect of our lives." Not one progressive, liberal or Democrat I've ever met has made that claim, but it beautifully stokes and manipulates the paranoid rights fears perfectly:
The New Bossism of the American Left … Richard Moore exposes the inner workings of this increasingly all-powerful political machine: a collectivist bureaucracy … and a liberal state-run media. Together, they seek to control every aspect of our lives: what we eat, where we live, what we read, how long we will be in the shower. They want to control all the waters of the United States, and the dust on the nation’s farms … and continue to talk as if we are a free people. To restore the constitutional integrity that allows a free people to freely decide their fate demands that the true inner workings of the New Bosses be revealed, so its machinery can be dismantled.
"Liberal state run media?" It should be noted Moore is the former editor of the Lakeland Times...part of the liberal state-run media? I'd be curious to see how many other newspaper editors have similar books that are so politically radical on their resumes.

A one star reviewer pretty much summed up my feelings...
Propaganda – by MilwaukeeMax, January 9, 2017: This guy calls himself a journalist but is a disgrace to the profession and a complete hack. He ignores facts and spins his agenda into all his "investigative" writing, which only spews out his vitriolic rhetoric that is intended to confuse and create fear.


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In 1998 Moore ran for 34th Assembly District on the Democrat ticket as a progressive union loving anti-mining environmentalist and was a big loser against Joe Handrick. He is a chameleon with a mental warp similar to Trump. Loves attention. Sad.