Friday, January 13, 2017

Republican alternative to the UW's class "The Men's Project!"

Rep. Robin Vos' main squeeze Michelle Litjens said something amazing this morning on WPR's Joy Cardin Show, about "The Men’s Project, a six-week voluntary discussion program that “aims to explore masculinity and the problems accompanied by simplified definitions of it,” according to a UW Health Service news release.
Litjens: "I think our students need to be offered both sides...they're offering a class about how not to be strong men anymore...but they also should be offering a class on, "If You Want to be a Strong Man, Here's How to Do It." You know we need to be offering both sides to our students..."
Priceless and fair.

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  1. At about the 8:39 AM time stamp on that online digital broadcast she also stated that, "...Now, I'll be perfectly honest..."

    Fortunately I had swallowed my last sip of coffee prior to the announcement and spared my keyboard.

    There was little indication of how long that statement was intentionally meant to govern any of her following comments.