Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sen. Steve Nass is no "Pajama Boy," bashes UW "Men's Project," as "War on Men."

Ouch, what’s so wrong about “toxic masculinity?” Alcohol induced abuses, condescending female references and anti-feminist bullies are the targets of UW Madison's liberal social engineers again. They're trying to stop the violence…and people like Sen. Steve Nass?

No one needs this course more than Nass, which is why he's so afraid of it.

Nass has for years bullied the UW with threats of government censorship through defunding over voluntary UW courses he doesn’t like. Drop them or be punished…censored.
This is the guy who successfully passed legislation repealing a ban on racist school mascots throughout Wisconsin. That’s not crazy, is it?  Or when he “blasted an African Studies course set to begin later this month called The Problem of Whiteness.” The 11th District must be so proud. It's a miracle they haven't leveled the UW Whitewater campus yet.

Making his empty case for more UW funding cuts, Nass picked a doozy
(Nass’) target is the Men’s Project, a six-week voluntary discussion program that “aims to explore masculinity and the problems accompanied by simplified definitions of it,” according to a UW Health Service news release. Cultural influences distorting ideas of masculinity include “media, hook up culture, alcohol, violence, and pop culture,” said another promotional piece. “Understanding the connections between our experiences and experiences of masculinity and issues in our society can help build stronger communities."
Never one to build strong communities free of domestic violence and public brawling, Nass sees a self-awareness course as the UW's “war on men.” Despite all the shootings, violent crimes and robberies, Nass thinks “mothers and fathers” have done a perfect job raising their sons:
“Our friends at UW-Madison not happy enough with labeling 'whiteness' as a societal problem, now are attacking another societal ill…, Men and their masculinity. UW-Madison has become part of a national liberal effort to rid male students of their 'toxic masculinity … believe that Wisconsin mothers and fathers have done a poor job of raising their boys by trying to instill in them the values and characteristics necessary in becoming a Man.”
The conservative media’s bubble world paranoia is apparently the source of Nass’ pent up rage. You’ll notice the Cap Times story did not include the word “conservative” to describe The College Fix, referenced by Nass, even though the site itself states “…Your Daily Dose of Right-Minded News and Commentary…”
The term “toxic masculinity” was sounded in a post a day earlier by The College Fix, which noted that UW-Madison is among many colleges with offerings that “seek to purge male students of their so-called toxic masculinity.”
No “pajama boy” Nass oddly projects his own predatory scheming to meet women, onto feminists, by including a link to an article that claims “guys who embrace the feminist project (truthfully in part to hook up with feminist women)…” Ah, don’t think so. You’ll also notice below the term “absent fathers,” a racist reference if there ever was one.
An essay at the National Review bemoaning the spread of feminist ideas that Nass linked to in his email to colleagues; “Feminism has infected child-rearing and modern education so thoroughly that legions of parents and teachers are adrift and clueless. They have no idea what to do with their sons, and absent fathers compound the confusion and create yawning cultural voids. Yes, there are some pajama boys out there, the guys who embrace the feminist project (truthfully in part to hook up with feminist women), but there are countless others who reject feminism’s version of a 'man box' and are instead adrift in purposeless masculinity,” wrote staff writer David French.

Another site referred to the program as a continued “jihad against what it means to be a man.


Mark Bye said...

Apparantly, Steve nA$$' sole purpose in life is to keep rubbing his constant and continual hard-on for the UW system. Frankly, I can't think of another person who could benefit more from a short course in examining one's own masculinity.

Mark Bye said...

And I'll post a comment made by a reader of another article on this story:

"Clearly, legislators in Wisconsin need to stop trying to micro-manage the university curricula to fit their own political message. They are ill equipped to do intellectual inquiry, social sciences, and especially curricular review. A University functions best when the clash and interplay of ideas is happening without any petty political input. Wisconsin legislators and Governor have made it their business to destroy the University of Wisconsin system and the flagship campus in particular. The dumbing of America... by short sighted politicians"