Saturday, January 28, 2017

Waking from my Computer Nightmare...I hope.

You may have noticed a lack of stories, especially local, being cranked out of Democurmudgeon lately. I'm between computers right now, using my laptop to post what I can.

I somehow broke my old dependable computer when I simply replaced the old graphics card with a newer more powerful one my gaming kids don't want to use anymore.

All my capture and editing software is on my newly constructed computer's older hard drives. I have a new motherboard, CPU and RAM. But I hit a road block when I took my sons advice and didn't get a tower case with a DVD rom drive, using instead an external portable one. Well, that new purchase, and LG drive, broke after two days, so I wasn't about to buy another one.

No internet!!! The new motherboard didn't come with installed Ethernet drivers either, which connect directly into my WiFi router. So I have no DVD Rom to install the drivers from the provide disc, and no online ability to retrieve the drivers through a Windows search.

I knew not getting a DVD Rom was a bad idea, now I'm waiting for a WiFi/Bluetooth card, while waiting for a case that will house my old dependable DVD/Blu-ray optical drive (simply by plugging in a USB cable and power cord).

Amazon Next Time: So I ordered the WiFi/Bluetooth card and the DVD optical drive case from two different suppliers. Why? I wish I knew. Since I'm an Amazon Prime member I get free 2 day shipping. Long story short, I would have had my computer working a week ago.

Today I hope to have at least one of the two items installed and up and running.

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