Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Walker wants to Rule the State...

Trump is turning the US into a dictatorship. I can safely say that now after watching the first chaotic week. It's been frustrating listening to punditry avoid the very thing that explains Trump's actions; he's suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. And we're all now suffering from his narcissism.

Wisconsinites have seen all of this before from a guy named Scott Walker. He's more sociopathic than narcissist, but I'm splitting hairs.

Now Scott Walker is back with his plan to spin off the states, so he and other Republicans governors can feel like dictatorial leaders of their fiefdoms. 

Walker's authoritarian leanings spilled out when he revealed his plans for world domination running for president, you know, by first "wreaking havoc" in Washington. 

Reuters-Scott Walker on Iran: "The United States needs a foreign policy that puts steel in the face of our enemies. We don’t need more information, we don’t need to wait to confirm the next Secretary of State, we need decisive leadership and we need it now ... when America leads, and has a strong president with clear priorities who believes in American strength, the rest of the world will follow."
It was the following statement that exposed Walker's plan to the country, an early hint at what he just started pushing again Monday. Walker decided to scrubbed "United...:"
“For me, what I learned from what we did four years ago in Wisconsin, is you got to strike early” ... I’d like to take huge chunks of the federal government and send it back to the states. But I’d take major social service programs, I’d take transportation and infrastructure, workforce and development, environmental protection, and heck I’d take education and instead of spending each of those down from Washington where the federal government skims off huge chunks of money and sends pennies on the dollar back to the state governments..."
Koch Brothers Gathering...and Walker's there: Yup, Walker was with the Koch's again." In what would have been a jaw dropping statement way back when real patriotic Americans believed in the "United" States, Walker declared the states independent:
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Monday warned that Republicans could suffer political consequences in the 2018 elections if they squander their new political dominance, calling on the Trump administration to dramatically reorient power back to the states.

“If they do the things they talk about, we see major tax reform and regulatory reform and pushing more power and responsibility not just to the states but the people, I think the midterms are going to fare pretty well. If they don’t, we’re in trouble. It’s put up or shut up time. And now’s the time for us to have to deliver ... He urged the federal government to divert funds that go to fund education, transportation, environmental and energy policy out of Washington.

“We are much, much more accountable at the state and local level than anybody in Washington, regardless of party, and one of the best things we can do is take advantage of the circumstances we’re in and not just look for a little bit of help, but look for transformational change."
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